SMALL DEEDS DONE Better than Great Deeds Planned

L. Merle Butler Vahsholtz was a story teller. Marge said to her one day, "You should write those stories down, to preserve them for your grandkids." Merle agreed, but how to find the time? "Whenever you write to us, just include one story with each letter. I'll type them, and then we'll have them."

And she did. First Marge used a typewriter, then a word processor, followed by a personal computer. Bob and Marge sat down with Merle on vacations and went through the old photos, with Marge writing names on the back as Merle told the story behind each snapshot, and Bob typed the gist of it into a laptop.

When it was found that too many stories were being repeated, the collection was edited into this book. That was 1990 and "self-publishing" was largely unknown. Bob had a hundred copies printed and bound by a local printer at an exorbitant cost. The result was of marginal quality--but priceless.

The title is Grandpa Butler's favorite saying, "Small Deeds Done, Better than Great Deeds Planned" which is a good definition of learning curve. That brings us back to Bob's latest book on how learning curve is changing housing. And the progression from this first King Midgets West book to the latest is another good example of learning curve at work in the business/hobby of self publishing.

This book is not for sale. Bob gave a copy to a personal  friend and Merle had a fit, "That book is for FAMILY."

Published 1990, 226 pages, 8.5 x 11, many fuzzy illustrations due to borrowing an early 300 dpi scanner!