MEMORIES Growing Up in Kansas--1880s

HULDA VAHSHOLTZ FRIEDRICH grew up on a farm in Kansas, second daughter of German immigrants. The family's boys came along later, so Hulda grew up a tomboy, despite her attractive appearance as a 15 year-old on the cover of this book.

Having an 8th-grade education from a one-room school, she was a voracious reader with an inquiring mind, and a nearly photographic memory. When Hulda was 63, a daughter urged her to write her story, and got her a 300-page journal for the purpose. Hulda filled that book, cover to cover, margin to margin. On the last page she said, "I think I will begin book number two with margins."

No book two has ever been found. Here we've published book one, which follows Hulda's life to just age 13. It's a remarkable story. One reader said, "I believe I could make sausage from her description." More importantly, Hulda paints an honest picture of early farm life, and the culture that is the foundation of America's work ethic.

Published 2011, 197 pages 5.5 x 8.5, includes many of Hulda's own sketches, along with other photos and illustrations  $13, plus $7 shipping and handling.
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