GROWING UP, Fred, Merle & the Kids

in the Zwilipp book, along with many others. But like all families, there's more to the story. Dick, Bob and Ruth set out to compile what they could remember and what a fun project that was!

Marge and Bob have become strong advocates for each family telling their own story. With word processors, cheap printing and so many people able to operate a keyboard, it has become surprisingly easy to gather the family stories and photos into one place, publish and preserve them for future generations. "Why," goes the common question, "would anyone be interested in our humdrum existence?" Well, no one's life is humdrum to their descendants. 

Leaving behind your own story, in your own words, will almost certainly prove more valuable to your heirs than any monetary bits you might leave behind. They might squabble over money and possessions, but they'll all share and enjoy your recorded heritage. Never mind your grammar. One recent book featured a summary by "Dad" and the kids say, "I can just hear him saying that!" 

Do it. Get started. Writer's block fades fast once you get going. Click on SELF PUBLISHING, on the sidebar.

Published 2005, 113 pages,  8.5 x 11, filled with illustrations, this book is not for sale. Write your own!