MODEL 1 PLANS, The Original King Midget

Not really, though some of the very first models were assembled from kits. Once Midget Motors' new factory was built, kits were still available for a few years, but builders saved just $20, compared to buying a complete and finished car.

Those earliest cars, now called the King Midget Model 1, were very simple and easy to build. Only a couple of dozen originals are still known to exist. In an effort to assure preservation and proper restoration of those few, John White collected information and created plans documenting the design details and construction of those early cars. Correct reproduction sheet metal and grilles are now available as well, and the plans are available from King Midgets West.

Partly as a result of those published plans and available parts, reproduction Model 1s are being built--about as many exist as originals. The plans have proven valuable for that purpose--they detail all operating parts as originally built. In addition to the plans, a reproduction of an original assembly manual is included, along with a more detailed set of current assembly instructions and some history of this unique little car.

See KING MIDGET Club Special (above) for the plans to build the brand new 2-seater King Midget that's a modern replica of the King Midget Model 2.

Published 2007, 30 pages, 11 x 17, fully dimensioned, $40, plus $7 shipping and handling.
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