is the name of this site and also the name of the Western Chapter of the International King Midget Car Club. The KMW Chapter has been in existence since 2012, but was meeting regularly for some time before that. It's a small chapter having a couple of dozen members, no officers, no dues and no 
rules, except drive those Midgets and have fun! The only requirement for membership is belonging to the International King Midget Car Club. Guests are always welcome, but not allowed to drive King Midgets for insurance reasons.

Meets, we call "Bashes" are scheduled a couple or three times per year, and members also get together at other opportune times. Communication is mainly by email, and there's a chapter website To join, simply send a request to to get signed up. If you want to drive your King Midget in our events, you must be a member of the International King Midget Car Club, but need not own a King Midget to join.

It's handy to have some sort of identification when meeting at car shows and public events. These patches were made to be sewn on shirts as shown here. Schedules and Bashes are announced via emails to all members as well as our chapter website. Chapter jackets are also available.

Members are not required to buy patches, jackets or shirts, and those who want a patch can sew them on anything they choose. The patches are eight bucks. 
Please send a check or money order made out to King Midgets West to  the address below:

King Midgets West
1445 Park View Lane, Apt 314
Port Angeles, WA 98363