is also the name of this site and also the name of the Western Chapter of the International King Midget Car Club. The KMW Chapter has been in existence since 2012, but was meeting regularly for some time before that. It's a small chapter having a couple of dozen members, no officers, no dues and no rules, except drive those Midgets and have fun!

Meets are scheduled three times per year, two in the spring and one in the fall, though members also get together at other opportune times. Communication is mainly by email, and there's a chapter website To join, simply send a request to to get signed up.

It has proven handy to have some sort of identification when meeting at car shows and other public events. So these patches were made for identical blue shirts from L.L. Bean and sewn on as shown here. Schedules and events are announced via emails to all members as well as our chapter website.

When you're at a show or stopped just about anywhere, people gather round to see your car. Most have never seen one, and these patches enable the bystander to pick the owner out of the crowd!

Members are not required to buy patches or shirts, and those who wish to do so can sew them on anything they choose. The patches are eight bucks. Buy yours at the next KMW meet or send a check to the address listed on the HOME page. You can use PayPal, but that's not a good idea unless you're ordering something else at the same time, as you'll get hit with $7 shipping charge!