KING MIDGET The Story of America's Smallest Dream Car

The Story of America's Smallest Dream Car

A History of Midget Motors

BOB SPENT MORE THAN A DECADE writing and publishing newsletters about King Midgets and looking for someone in the Athens, Ohio, area to co-author a book on the subject. After three false starts, he said to Marge, "If this book is going to be written, I'd better just roll up my sleeves and do it." This book is the result. 

Now in its fourth printing, it's what self-publishers define as a best seller. Widely acclaimed as the definitive history of these tiny American automobiles, it tells how those two guys on the cover did the impossible.
They started a car company from scratch after WWII with virtually no money, ran it for two decades and made a profit every year. They built an average of one car per day, lived well, enjoyed life and sold out at retirement, funding their comfortable retirement. Successor owners ignored the lessons learned by the founders and the company soon failed.

The cars they built are treasured by those who can find one. Interested? Buy the book, and equally important, join the King Midget  Club, 400 strong!

Published 2007, 204 pages, 8.5 x 11, lavishly illustrated, 

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Reader Comments on this book:

"We cannot thank you enough for the labor of love that you have invested in the research of my grandfather's life." Becky Holliman, Claud Dry’s granddaughter

"THE BOOK CAME TODAY!!! Can’t put it down! May get fired from Capstone Properties! It’s beautiful! We both are excited about it! THANKS A MILLION!!!!!"  Pat Funk, Dale Orcutt’s daughter

"Vahsholtz has not just assembled a dry recitation of facts, photos and anecdotes. He has brought these stories to life in such a manner that after I closed the book at the end I thought … 'Yeah, I could do that!'”  Jim Janacek, Editor, MicroCar News

"What a great book! I love it!"  Pat Foster, automotive columnist and author

"YOU DID IT!"  Mary Seelhorstautomotive writer

"Carefully written with great reverence for its subjects, this 204-page book is an excellent examination of a mostly forgotten chapter of American automotive history. ****Absolute Must"  Mark McCourt, Senior Editor, Hemmings Classic Car