MODEL 2 PLANS, The King Midget Club Special

Second Edition!

The first edition of these plans is sold out. A second edition has been printed and is available now.

Revised and updated plans for the all new King Midget you can build yourself!

If you’ve been reading in King Midget News about the new King Midget Club Special, you probably know the prototype was introduced at the 2016 King Midget Jamboree, in August 2016, back in the King Midget's Ohio birthplace. 

These plans for building your own were also introduced at that time and have proven very popular. You can order a copy below.

The book is spiral bound for shop use and includes 76 CAD drawings that document all details of construction. New for this edition are isometric drawings showing how the chassis pieces fit together, as well as a few updates and corrections to the original edition.

The plans include full specifications, sources and prices documenting the cost to build a duplicate of the prototype as well as options enabling construction with around $2,000 worth of materials. The bill of materials of the car shown on the cover of the book is just $2,000, including features such as the "big" 13 hp engine, variable drive automatic transmission and reverse. A significantly lower cost version can be built and more options can be added. The authors continue development of this new car, with articles published in King Midget News.

The chassis design readily adapts to a variety of other models and the plans include concept sketches. Or use your imagination!

The 2017 edition includes 200 + pages, with the CAD drawings being blank on the back side for ease of shop use. The Model 1 plans remain available. Build either. Build both!

This book is no longer available from  this website. Please order from Olde Milford Press, The source for many other books on American Independent including 31 written by Pat Foster himself. Olde Milford has been our biggest dealer for more than a decade, and offers other King Midget books as well:

   P.O. Box 5342

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