KING MIDGET A Historical Scrapbook

PAT ORCUTT FUNK is the daughter of one of the founders of Midget Motors. She collected stories, photos and other publications about the company while her dad was busy building cars. 

About 25 years ago, Pat gathered some of that material, borrowed a photocopy machine, and put together about a hundred copies of a book she called simply KING MIDGET. Fans quickly bought them all. Those originals (see the sample in the background of the photo at left) are now collector's items.

In 2011, Pat's son, David Funk, decided his mom's collection should be digitally preserved, and Bob volunteered for the project. It was agreed that printing a new edition of Pat's book would be a good idea. Bob wrote captions, as well as digitally enhancing the yellowing originals. The result was this book. This second edition contains the same material as Pat's original.

A limited number of this new edition was printed and all have been sold. All profits have been donated for special projects of the King Midget Club.

Published 2012, 172 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, hundreds of illustrations, $22, plus $7 shipping and handling. 

NOTE: This book is sold out, but a reprint is planned. Contact Olde Milford Press for availability.