KING MIDGET The Search for Model 1's

Dan Harms is a member of the King Midget Club who owns one of the first King Midgets that have come to be called the Model 1. He is painstakingly restoring that car, including a hand-made new aluminum grille. Fascinated by these cars and their rarity, Dan set out to see how many he could find. The answer is 26--so far! That's out of an estimated total production of some 500 of this model between 1946 and 1951. Only about half of those cars have been restored, and a few more are in running condition. Due to their historical interest and simplicity, every effort is being made to find and restore more of these cars. Reproductions are also being built, using the plans created to facilitate proper restoration (See Plans, this site). Those reproductions are not featured in this book--just originals, in whatever condition they currently exist.

To encourage interest in finding and restoring more, Dan published this book, sending copies to all Model 1 owners and those who helped create the book. It's a limited edition in full color, so printing costs were high. He had extra copies made and sold them at the 2014 and 2015 King Midget Jamborees. The entire $20 purchase price is donated to the International King Midget Club's Treasury.

This book is out of print and Dan is working on a revised and enlarged edition.