-2003 Steel Blue PT Cruiser- Review-

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   My Review of my 2003 PT CRUISER

   May 30th of 2004 when I bought my cruiser I didn't know what I was getting into... 

   I did my research all through out 2003 on every car I thought I liked, from SUV's to small family cars, to trucks, and then the PT Cruiser.  I test drove over 12 different cars before I found the PT cruiser.

   After my endeavors of 12 vehicles, I didn't really find anything that I liked really well, (it's kind of funny the PT was not even on my list and look at it now).  After many days of shopping, I started to re-read on my magazines and reviews I had collected on all 2003 models when I read through Car and Driver again.  Car and Driver happen to do a year long test on a 2003 model PT Cruiser Limited Edition.  Car and Driver had mentioned that the PT had a remarkable reliability rating up to 50k miles without any major problems, which I found quite pleasing to read.

   So that weekend we looked at one at the local dealer.

   I remember the day I actually bought drive it home, it must have been the right day for me, it felt so right.  We got the loaner test model to "drive freely" as the sales rep told us.  What that meant was that we could take the PT Cruiser anywhere we wanted to that day, so we did.  I think we must have drove the PT for about an hour better going back.  We rode in every seat, switched seats, and gave the PT a really good test. 

   I found that oddly enough from all the hype the PT was much smaller then we thought of from the pre-release information I had saved about the PT.  However although small, the PT was quite roomy inside and felt really comfortable to ride in.

   So back at the dealer, we looked on the lot at all the possibilities.  Without much luck we found all of them came with something I didn't need making the price too high or another concern.  Until we looked way in the back, actually the last spot on the lot to be in fact, we found a PT that was not on there list and had been lost in the records (took the  dealer half an hour to find the plate reference number).  The PT was hiding behind two Jeep Cherokees and a Wrangler (Chrysler shared the lot with Jeep). 

   My family had found our Steel Blue PT Cruiser!

   What a mess, the thing was covered in comb webs and leaves from the trees, looked as if it had not been washed for months and was super dirty.   So after playing drive around the lot and car movers the dealer team had pulled this PT out of its hidden spot.

   Everything had gone correctly, the dealer had beat my loan with my local bank branch and knocked the price down to something I could afford right on the spot.  I drove the PT home that day!  However the PT had many problems, the truck unload-er had messed the alignment all up, it needed a wash bad, and because it sat for so long drove really rough.

   After everything we fixed and back to normal I have kept this vehicle and done my own critiqueing to it to make this PT my Own!

   I wouldn't give this car up for anything!   My family fits in it perfect, it can hull a bunch of stuff once the seats are removed, it drives like a dream (too me) and it is a ton of fun even after 5 years.

   Thanks for Reading my Story!