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Hi, My name is Colby.

Feel Free to email me @kingkole02@gmail.com

   I started with the PT Cruiser back in May of 2003 (READ MY STORY ON THELEFT).  I was excited to have owned my first car at this point in my life at 19.  This is when I started to learn the art of Vehicle Detailing.

   I feel in love with this vehicle and wanted to do all that I could to make it my own.  So I started to learn how to keep it clean.  I then moved into modifying and joining car clubs both locally and in online communities.

   This is a picture of the first show I attended, the PT still had the dealer price stickers on the window I saved them for the shows.

    I have come a long way with this car and the aventure!


    Enjoyed some great events!

    Seen some really cool cars!

    Have meet some really cool people!

    Big Daddy Don Garlit handing me an award during the Rock Til You Drop Downtown Fort Myers, Florida Car Show 2006 (http://www.garlits.com/)

    And a Penthouse Model!


     And I have enjoy hanging out with my local car club for many years at events and dinners we share.


      But most improtantly I have enjoyed learning how to take care of my vehicle! 

   Below is a picture of my watch in the reflection of my door.  You can tell by the chrome door strip on the left hand side of the photo.

   Pretty nice photo huh?  You can see the watch in full detail.

   I have learned and used my knowledge in the art of vehicle detailing to win around 7 trophies at local car show events and win the respect of many veterans in the car enthusiat world.



Colby Butler,

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