The King George VI Centre is facing very grave financial difficulties.  Our parents are too poor to pay realistic boarding fees and most of our children should be supported by Social Welfare.  The only way we can cover running costs is to find donors to sponsor our children to try and cover some of the shortfall.

We are asking friends from all over the world if they would be prepared to support our children.  So far we have sponsors in America, Australia, Austria, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Zimbabwe.  Sometimes these are individuals, sometimes schools and sometimes church groups.  We are asking you, in your country, to help us.


We have worked out that a sum of £200 or US$400 a year for each child at the Centre would go some way to covering our shortfall.  We have an account in England where sponsorship money can be sent.


Each child has a detailed information pamphlet complete with photograph.  If you agree to sponsor one of our pupils, we will send you quarterly reports on his/her progress.  You may also receive letters from you student if you send us your contact name and address.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in this very important work.