Future Plans

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The Future

What of the future?

We hope that we will continue to have the support of people both overseas and in Zimbabwe.  We would like to bring this confidence that we are able to give to our children to as many children as possible.

Needs and plans for a Centre like this are always developing.  A recent survey has found that over half our children come from broken families (either through deaths or desertions).  Many of our day scholars are now left in desperate circumstances, we even found one little girl abandoned by everyone in her family and left to the care of a neighbour!  Every week we have another parent coming and asking us to help their child. We have just set up two more units for these desperate children and are beginning to teach them how to take care of themselves as far as their disabilities will allow.  This was a big project, on top of this we have to simply find the day to day running costs of the Centre.  This year in particular the economic situation in the country is seriously affecting both the Centre and our children’s families.  This is why we are trying to fund raise overseas to give us some sort of security for the years ahead.


Projects For the Future!

·        To find running costs and keep the Centre up and going.

·        To find sponsors for all our boarders. 

·        To keep going on a training programme for Centre staff and children in all aspects of Independent living.

·        To employ our own social worker to help deal with all the problems our children and their families have to face.

·        To provide good quality wheelchairs and prosthetics to all the children needing them.

·        To set up a fund to assist day scholars to pay for ever-increasing bus fares.

·        To find some way to help our school leavers find opportunities for jobs or self employment in a country with an approaching 80% unemployment rate.

·        To research and set up income generating projects to help make the Centre self-supporting.

·        To build a proper school hall



·        To organise an overseas tour for our band Liyana.

·        To set up a recording studio or a radio station run by former students


·       To set up a school to train both disabled and non disabled in the arts