·        The only way that the Centre is able to keep operating is through the generosity of overseas friends.

·        The majority of our funding over past years came from overseas donors. With the present situation in Zimbabwe these donors have now withdrawn support.

·        Government support covers less than 22% of our total costs! The Department of Social Welfare, which should be supporting our destitute families, no longer pays boarding or school fees. In addition this department should be paying a per capita monthly grant.  Unfortunately this grant was hopelessly inadequate and is now not paid at all!

·        School fees are set by government and are inadequate to cover even basic expenses.

·        Books and cleaning materials are no longer supplied to schools. The school recently received a quote for basic textbooks of Z$26 million! 

·        As the school receives less and less support from the Ministry of Education, funds have to be found for stationery, cleaning materials, staff uniforms, porridge for supplementary feeding, books and even wages for extra class assistants!

·        The present inflation rate is said to be well over 1800%! Costs of everything increase on a weekly basis, with some products it is a daily basis, the main expenses being salaries (42%) and provisions for the children (35%). 

·        As hospitals no longer have sufficient drugs and even food if any of our children require medical attention we have to buy drugs, bandages and food.  We also have to pay extra costs for x-rays and doctors – something which was always free in the past.  General medical supplies which are needed all the time at the Centre are very expensive.

·        At present our boarding fees are below a third of the costs of keeping a child at the Centre.  Every term we have to increase our boarding fees a little but we know that even this amount will be beyond the means of most of our parents.  We now have to find bursaries or donors for well over half our boarders otherwise they would be unable to attend school at all.

·        Most families are self employed – in rural areas as peasant farmers, in urban areas as vegetable vendors.  Latest figures state that a family of 6 need nearly Z$450,000 to live in Zimbabwe. Most of our parents have no fixed employment or salary!  Those lucky enough to be employed earn basic wages of between Z$50,000 to 100,000.

·        Our ever-growing number of orphans need extra help to encourage their relatives to continue caring for them in the holidays.  This means bus fares, toiletries, clothes and in some cases even food!

·        Over a third of our day scholars can no longer afford the bus fare to bring them to school.  The Centre now has to source funds to cover bus fares for 26 children.

Overseas Charities

We are very proud to announce that we now have two registered overseas charities in support of KGVI.


In the Netherlands the Jabulani Kids Zimbabwe helps us with running costs and projects.  More information can be supplied on request


Jabulani Kids Zimbabwe

(check out their website for more information about KGVI)


Account Number:  384227708


Maliebaan 53 Z

3581 CD Utrecht

Bank Code:  3642

Swift Code:  Rabo NL 2U

IBAN No: NL71 RABO 0384227708


Contact person:  Hilda van der Stok or



In the UK the Amandla Trust also raises funds in support of the work of the Centre and School.

Amandla Trust

Account Number: 65104365

Co-operative Bank p/c

Sort Code:  09/92/99


Contact person:  David King