William Alfred King (1685-1779)

                     ┌── Captain William King (245)

                 ┌── Captain John King (241), m. at Chestershire, England

                    └── Blanche Mainwaring (246)

             ┌── Francis King (240)

                  ┌── Piers Daniel (243)

                └── Ann Daniel (242)

         ┌── Robert King (205), b. 1625 at England, d. 1716 at Stafford, VA

     ┌── Capt. William King (197), d. 1716 at Stafford Co., VA

        └── Hannah Scarborough (206)

William Alfred King (191), b. 1685 at Stafford Co., VA, d. 1779

            ┌── Henry Peyton (236)

        ┌── Col. Valentine Peyton (234), b. 1629 at England, m. 1660

           └── Katherine Bateman (237)

     └── Judith Peyton (198)

            ┌── Dr. Thomas Gerrard (238)

         └── Frances Gerrard (235)

             └── Susanna Snow (239)


William Alfred King (191), b. 1685 at Stafford Co., VA, d. 1779

+Sophia Burgess (192)

├── Robert King (264)

├── Richard King (265)

├── Walter King (266)

├── Benjamin King (262)

├── John King (263)

├── Francis King (267)

├── Edward King (268)

├── William King (199), b. 1711 at Stafford Co., VA, d. 1778 at Prince William Co., VA

├── Alfred King (204), b. 1712

└── Thomas King (1714-1798)


We do not have proof that Thomas King (1714-1798) was the third son of William Alfred King (1685-1779) and Sophia Burgess. 

The connection was suggested by Goode King Feldhauser.  Her research was compiled about 1949 by Dr. GMG Stafford after her death.  See link to a Word transcription of "The King Family" below.

A y-dna match of a descendant of Thomas with the y-dna of a descendant of one of Thomas' brothers will confirm the relationship.

Thomas’s ancestor is posted as William Alfred King on the FamilyTreeDNA website.  See link below.

Our hope is that a provable descendant of one of William Alfred’s other sons will obtain the y-dna test and establish or disprove a connection between William Alfred and Thomas.  Currently, all y-dna matches are in Thomas's son Benjamin’s line, however, the paper documentation of Benjamin’s filial relationship to Thomas King of Meadowood, Louisa Co., VA is certain.

Perhaps the most famous descendant of William Alfred's first son, William King, and his wife Elizabeth Edwards, was John Edwards King, who fought in the Revolutionary War and became a General in the War of 1812. 



 "The King Family" by Goode King Feldhauser/George M.G. Stafford