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Elisha King received warrants for his Revolutionary War Service for a total of about 3000 acres of land that were eventually claimed as land patents in the Virginia Military District of Ohio.  The District encompassed land between the Little Miami River and the Scioto River in southwest Ohio.  It appears that some if not all of the land claimed was on the Little Miami River and bounded by Todd’s Fork (a branch of the Little Miami) near the present day town of Morrow, Warren County.  The land patents can be found at the Bureau of Land Management General Land Office web site:



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The names of Elisha’s brothers John and Sackville are found in some of the patents suggesting that they obtained land contiguous with his.  The warrants (a right to receive a patent for a surveyed property) were commonly assigned to others no doubt for a financial consideration.  Below is Elisha’s first patent signed 7 February 1799.


Know Ye, that in consideration of military service performed by Elisha King a Lieutenant for three years …… there is granted by the said United States unto William Todd and Robert Todd assignees of Robert Parker who was the assignee of the said Elisha King, a certain tract of land containing one thousand eighty acres, situate between the Little Miami and Scioto Rivers, northwest of the River Ohio, as by survey bearing date the Twelfth day of April in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two and bounded and described as follows, to wit, Surveyed for Elisha King one thousand and eighty acres of land on part of a military warrant number one thousand nine hundred and eleven in favor of the said Elisha King (the whole thereof being for two thousand six hundred and sixty-six and two thirds acres) On the Little Miami, Beginning at a sugar tree ……

                                                                             John Adams



Of even more interest is the second patent signed 8 March 1802 in which Alexander Hamilton is the assignee of Elisha King.  This patent also lies on the Little Miami River and extends southeastward to cross Todd’s Fork, and branch of the Little Miami that turns and runs parallel to it for a short distance.


The third patent dated the 10th day of March 1802 is also assigned to Alexander Hamilton and lies on the Little Miami River, presumably adjacent to the previous patent.



The patents assigned to Alexander Hamilton are of further interest because there was apparently uncertainty between the parties, Hamilton and King, as to how much land was actually conveyed and this uncertainty resulted in a lawsuit that was appealed ultimately to the Supreme Court to be resolved in the case King v. Hamilton, 29 U.S. 4 Pet. 311 311 (1830).


In the fourth patent dated 10 March 1804 a “Holman Snead and John King (both soldiers for three years) and James Hamilton, a Lieutenant for three years” convey their land claims to Elisha King for “one thousand five hundred and thirty three and one third acres” on the Little Miami River adjacent to the claim of Sackville King.  John and Sackville were brothers of Elisha King.

In the fifth patent dated 16 December 1811 Elisha King assigns 200 acres to a John Wilder. 


King v. Hamilton 29 U.S. 4 Pet. 311 (1830) 

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