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Letter to the Executive of Virginia

Letter of December 8th, 1817

To the Governor and Council of Virginia.

                        The undersigned begs leave to …..represent to the Executive of Virginia, that in the fall of 1776 he enlisted as a Sergeant in the 14th Virginia Reg’t commanded by Col Charles Lewis, in which capacity he served till July 1779 at which time he received the commission of Ensign in the same Reg’t,; this commanded by Colo. Wm. Davis, which he held till the year 1780 when he was promoted to a Lieutenancy under the immediate command of Gen’l Morgan in which capacity he continued to serve as an infantry officer till after the battle of the “Cowpens”-.  After this battle, he resigned this commission in the infantry and without quitting the field immediately received the commission of Lieutenant of cavalry in Colo. Baylor’s Regt of horses commanded by Lieutenant Col Wm Washington in which capacity he continued to serve till the end of the war.


In confirmation of this statement the undersigned begs leave to refer your….. body to the records of the Registers office and to two certificates to be found filed in the clerks office of the executive department given by Colonels Davis and Baylor.


The undersigned, having already received of the general government the bounty of 2666 2/3 acres of land, the arrearages of pay in what was formerly …the “final settlement”, together with the commutation for half pay for life promised to those who should serve to the end of the war, now claims of his native state the fulfillment of …promises ….made under the guarantee of public Faith; a promise made to men who done much to achieve the independence and …the present high authority; a promise which the undersigned may now claim to be fulfilled, if, loss of blood, a shattered constitution, privations endured and perseverance displayed to the end in this cause, ..established a right in his favor.


                                                                        With all respect

                                                                                    Elisha King

Dinwiddie County


December 8th 1817




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I certify that Lt Elisha King enlisted as Sargeant in my regiment of Virginia Continentals the first day of January 1777 and continued in it as such until he was appointed an Ensign in the beginning of July 1779 but his Commission was dated from the July before, he continued …….1st of December 1780…when he accepted an appointment in the Cavalry.  Mr. King acted a month or two as quartermaster to the …at ….Court House.

                                                            William Davies, Col

Sept. 11, 1783

         (a Copy)  J. Pendleton




I do certify that Lt. Elisha King was appointed in my Regt in Dec 1780, in which he continued until the consolidation of the 1 & 3  Regt which happened on the tenth day of Nov. 1782, then he was discharged-

 Oct ..1783                                                      George Baylor, Col.




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Elisha was born 9 November 1753?

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