"The King Family" by Goode King Feldhauser/George M.G. Stafford 




The King family

compiled by G. M. G. Stafford

Stafford, George Mason Graham, b. 1876 (Main Author)

Microreproduction of typescript (37 p.).
The King family of Virginia, genealogy, 1350-1950.


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Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971

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"The King Family" presents the genealogical research of Goode King Feldhauser as compiled after her death by G. M. G. Stafford and published about 1949.  Her research emphasis was on the line descending from William Alfred's son William (b. 1711, Stafford Co. VA).  A small amount of information concerning Thomas (b. 1714. Stafford Co. VA) is included in the text suggesting that Thomas went to Louisa Co. VA. early in life.  Revolutionary War records of Thomas' sons indicate that Thomas was born in 1714.  Commonality among given names in the two generations is striking and supports the hypothesis that Thomas King of Louisa Co. VA is the son of William Alfred King and Sophia Burgess of Stafford Co. VA.

[Comments within the document by the author/compiler suggest that it was written about 1949.]
(Copied from a photocopy of an original at the DAR library, Washington, DC.  Note that the text in red on the page below represent links in the original, but are not links on this web site). 



Louisiana DAR GRC report ; s3 v022 : the King family / compiled by G. M. G. Stafford


Stafford, G. M. G.


Louisiana DAR, G.R.C.




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King, Withers (1741-1818) - Ancestors and descendants


King family




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Compiled  By


Dr. G. M. G. Stafford, Baton Rouge, Louisiana



This compilation has been made possible by the persevering research of the late Mrs. Edward Feldhauser of St. Paul, Minnesota, who spent much time over a period of many years in collecting material for a contemplated history of the King family, but died before realizing her ambition.  Mrs. Feldhauser before marriage was Goode Watkins King, a great grand-daughter of General John Edwards King through his fourth son, Milton King.  General King was born in Prince William County, Virginia, and died in Kentucky.  We are very greatly indebted to our good friend, Dr. Valentine King Irion of New Orleans, a great grandson of General King, for his kindness in putting this material at our disposal.  Through his influence it was obtained from Mrs. James F. Donahue of Cleveland, Ohio, a niece of Mrs. Feldhauser.


          We are particularly interested in, and will confine ourselves chiefly to, the southern branch of this very extensive family connection.  This line comes directly from the Kings of the Northern Neck of Virginia who came over in the early days of the colony, indeed, almost at its inception.  Their records take us back across the ocean to Devonshire, England, where John King of "Dodebroke" lived about 1350.  He married Agnes Mortimer, daughter of Edmund Mortimer (son of Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March) and his wife, Lady Philippa Plantagenet, daughter of Lionel, Duke of Clarence.  Thence we go back to Godfrey, the first Plantagenet, who married Matilda, daughter of King Henry, I, of England.  John King and his wife Agnes Mortimer, had a son, Roger King, who used the Plantagenet seal on a deed of sale in the year 1389, which parchment may be seen today in the archives of Devonshire.  Roger's son, Sir Ralph King, distinguished himself at the battle of Agincourt in 1415.  This Sir Ralph had a son, John King, whose son, Sir Thomas King, married Johanna Beauchamp, daughter of the Earl of Warwick.  Among their several sons was William King who married Margaret Ferrers, and their son, Captain William King, who commanded the ship Diamond, was the first of the name to visit the shores of Virginia (1609).  On the return voyage his vessel was wrecked in a storm near the English coast and he was lost.  This Captain William King married Blanche Mainwaring, and their sons, John, Ralph, and Thomas came to Virginia.  The first of these, John King, commanded the ship Falcon and in 1636 was in the Barbadoes trade.  Later he went to Virginia, several of his sons going with


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him, and one of them, Michael, settled in Norfolk.  The wife of Captain John King was Ann Daniel, daughter of Piers Daniel, whom he married in Chestershire, England. 


          Francis King, one of the sons of Captain John King and Ann Daniel, originally came over as one of the headrights of Captain Giles Brent of Maryland and Virginia.  He was twice married: 1st to Dorothy, daughter of  Sir Walter Aston, and 2nd to Elizabeth Brooke.  One of his sons, Robert King, (by which wife we do not know), married his cousin Hannah Scarborough who had an aunt of the same name who married John Wise of Accomac County, Va., and who is frequently confused with her.  Robert King and Hannah Scarborough had several children, among whom were: Dorothy, John, Edmund, William and Robert.  Of these Dorothy married Col. John Waller and lived in Spotsylvania County, Va.  John went to Maryland with Capt. Richard Ewen.  Edmund went to York County, Va., with his cousin John Scarborough and had a son, Robert King, who married Sarah West and left a son, Nathaniel, whom we later find in Lunenberg County, Va., and who is said to have been the ancestor of some of the Alabama Kings.  Robert, youngest of the sons of Robert King and Hannah Scarborough, married Mary Aylett, daughter of Sir Benjamin Aylett , and was captain and major in the colonial militia. 


          Captain William King, son of Robert King and Hannah Scarborough, was the first of the name whom we find in the records of Stafford County, Va., as settling there permanently.  He married Martha Richardson of Middlesex County, Va.  He was a captain of militia in that county.  After her death he married Judith Peyton, daughter of Valentine Peyton and Frances Gerrard.  Col Valentine Peyton, born in England in        1629 a son of Henry Peyton and Katherine Bathman, came to Virginia about 1654 and settled in Westmoreland County where his estate was known as "Nominy."  He was descended from the Peytons of Isleham, in Cambridgeshire, England.  He married in 1660, Frances, daughter of Dr. Thomas Gerrard and his wife Susanna Snow, (widow of Col. Thomas Spake), of Maryland and Virginia.  Captain William King died in Stafford County, Va., in 1716, leaving a will in which he named his children as follows:  Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane, Margaret, William Alfred, Thomas and John.


          Before proceeding further it would be well to here reiterate, for the sake of clarity and a better understanding, that the branch of the King family with which we will deal in this discussion appears very definitely to stem from the Captain William King of the ship Diamond who visited the shores of Virginia just two years after the first settlement at Jamestown.  Then followed his son, Captain John King, of the ship Falcon who went first to Barbadoes and then to Virginia, and his son, Francis King, soon followed as


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one of the headrights of Captain Giles Brent.  Robert King, son of this Francis, married his cousin, Hannah Scarborough, and their son, Captain William King, who first married Martha Richardson and then Judith Peyton, settled in Stafford County, VA., and was the immediate ancestor of the southern branch of the King Family.


          Thomas King, 2nd son of Captain William King and his 2nd wife, Judith Peyton, was born in Stafford County, Va., about 1690.  The name of his wife is not known to us.  They had five sons, besides other children, viz., Valentine who married Ruth Fleming and lived in Winchester, Va., Stephen, John, Samuel, and Cyrus.  The daughter of Cyrus, (the youngest), Ann King, married William Fairfax.  Other children of Cyrus were:  Cyrus, Jr., who was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army, Marianna who married a Dinwiddie, and Samuel. 


          John King, youngest son of Captain William King and his 2nd wife, Judith Peyton, was born in Stafford County, Va., about 1700.  We know that he was a minor when his father made his will in 1716.  He married Judith Brent, daughter of George Brent and Judith Pursell of Lancaster County, Va.  She was not a descendant of the Woodstock Brents, in Stafford County, but of Hugh Brent of Lancaster County.  It is not known that the two families were related.  John King died between March 2nd and June 19th 1752, leaving three children:  William, John, and Mary.  His widow (Judith) then married on May 2, 1753 her cousin, William Brent.


          WILLIAM ALFRED KING, eldest son of Captain William King and his 2nd wife, Judith Peyton, was born in Stafford County, Va., about 1685.  He married Sophia Burgess, daughter of John and Elizabeth Burgess, and grand-daughter of Col. William Burgess and Sophia Ewell (or Ewen).  They lived on a part of the Ewell estate near the site of the present town of Dumfries, in Prince William County, Va.  (It was then Stafford County).  There were many children born of this marriage, ten of whom were sons.  There were probably daughters, but we have no record of them.  The sons were: 1. - William, 2. - Alfred, 3 - Thomas, 4. - Benjamin, 5. - John, 6. - Robert, 7. - Richard, 8. - Walter, 9. - Francis, 10. - Edward.  We regret our inability to report definitely on any of these except William and Thomas.  As William the eldest of the ten, is the progenitor of the branch in which we are particularly interested and will take up most of the space in this manuscript, we will first dispose of his brother Thomas. 


          3. - Thomas King, 3rd son of William Alfred King and Sophia Burgess, was born in Stafford County, Va., in 1714.  He married Sarah Alexander.  We find his name quite frequently mentioned in the Virginia records.  On October 23, 1747, Thomas King bought 214


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acres of land in Louisa and Hanover counties from Wilson Harris.  On October 16, 1751 "Thomas King, planter, and Sarah, his wife, of St. Martin's Parish," sold this land to John Pottens.  Their homestead consisting of 263 acres situated on both sides of the Pamunky river in Louisa county, is the plantation which was deeded to Benjamin King (youngest child) by his brothers and sisters.  Thomas King died in 1798 and he and his wife were buried on the plantation, but when it was sold in 1802 their bodies were removed.  Thomas King and Sarah Alexander had the following children:  Sackville, William, Daniel, Elisha, John, Thomas, Philip, Margaret, Walter, Catherine and Benjamin.


          1. - William King, eldest son of William Alfred King and Sophia Burgess, was born in Stafford County Va., in 1711.  He is sometimes designated as William Valentine King, and at other times as Valentine King.  The Stafford county official records and the Overwharton Parish Register clearly show this to be an error.  John Edwards King, a grandson of General John Edwards King, (son of this William), in writing to his cousin, John Quincy Adams King, in 1878, has this to say on the subject: "I am in possession of a pile of letters and some important papers relative to our King family.  Some of our relatives are of the opinion that our great grandfather's name was Valentine, but they are mistaken.  Our grandfather, General John Edwards King, who certainly knew his father's name, explicitly tells my father (Valentine King) in two separate letters, that his father's name was William.  Writing to my father in 1825 as to what name should be given to my brother, then an infant, he says, 'My father's name was William, my brother's name is William, your brother's name is William - why not call him William?' "  This should definitely settle the dispute.


          William King (the subject of the above mentioned dispute) married on May 21, 1738, Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of John Edwards and Jane Arrington.  The Edwards family was one of the most prominent among the early pioneers who settled this country.  Before crossing the ocean to the wilds of America they had been in Denbigh, Wales, for many centuries.  They can easily be traced back to Sir John Griffith Lloyd, a direct descendant of Roderick the Great, king of Wales in 824.  Richard Edwards of Denbigh had four sons: Richard, William, John, and Thomas.  Richard, the eldest of these, left Wales during the reign of Queen Elizabeth and settled in Chester, England, where he was a minister of the established church.  He later removed to London and at the time of his death was prelate to the queen.  His son, Thomas, was knighted by royal decree in 1624.  This Sir Thomas Edwards had five sons: William, John, Thomas, Robert, and Edmund.  The eldest, William Edwards (1620-1685), came to America with his mother and step-father, John Cole, of London


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and settled in Hartford, Connecticut (1639), where he married and left numerous descendants, thus establishing the well known family of that name in New England.  John, Richard, William, and Thomas Edwards, grandsons of Richard of Wales, came to Virginia, and John, the eldest settled in Northumberland county.  His son, John Edwards, Jr., was a vestryman in Lancaster county, and then removed to Surry county where he was a burgess.  He married Frances Cole and their son, William Edwards, member of the House of Burgesses in 1653, lived in Surry county and married Dorothy Withers.  Among their children was William Edwards, Jr., also a burgess from Surry, who married Ann Harrison, daughter of Col. Benjamin Harrison, the "Councillor" (progenitor of two Presidents of the United States), and they were the parents of John Edwards who married Jane Arrington.  This latter couple lived in Prince William county and later moved to Spotsylvania county.  John Edwards was a captain in the colonial militia and was with the First Virginia Regiment in the French and Indian War.  His wife, Jane Arrington was a daughter of Thomas Arrington of Westmoreland county.  William King died at Dumfries, Prince William county, Va., in 1758.  His widow survived him many years and died in Kentucky in 1787.  William King and Elizabeth Edwards had the following children: i. - George,  ii - Withers,  iii - William, Jr.,  iv - Edmund,  v. - Elizabeth,  vi. - Nimrod,  vii. - Robert,  viii. - Philip,  ix. - Thomas,  x. - John Edwards.  

          ii. - Withers King, 2nd son of William King and Elizabeth Edwards, was born in Overwharton Parish, Stafford county, Va., on August 20, 1741.  He served in the Revolutionary Army as is evidenced by a treasury warrant issued him for land in Jefferson county, Ky., by Patrick Henry, bearing date of October 15, 1779.  He married in Stafford county, Va., about 1762, Sarah Harrison, daughter of Cuthbert Harrison and Frances Osborne Barnes (daughter of Matthew Barnes and Frances Osborn). He appears to have owned land in both Jefferson and Nelson counties, KY., but his will was probated in Nelson county in 1818.  His children were:  a. - Seth,  b. - Alexander,  c. - William Rufus,  d. - Nelson,  e. - Daniel,  f. - John,  g. - Frances,  h. - Valentine,  i. - Lucy,  j. - James.

          a. - Seth King, eldest son of Withers King and Sarah Harrison, was born in Stafford county, Va., in 1763.  He went to Kentucky with his parents about 1780, and in 1810 we find him living in Bullit county with four sons and two daughters in his family.  One of his descendants wrote that one of Seth's sons went to Wayne county, Indiana, and had three sons: Levi, Solomon and William King.

          b. - Alexander King, 2nd son of Withers King and Sarah Harrison,


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was born in Stafford county, Va., about 1764.  He went to Kentucky with his parents and there married on October 13, 1793, Molly Hall.  Their children were:  1a. - John who married Margaret Jenkins; 2a. - Yelverton Peyton, q.v.; 3a. - Nelson who married Jane Wiggington in Nelson county, KY.; 4a. - Sarah; 5a. - James who married Margaret Ball; 6a. - Elizabeth;  7a. - Barbara; 8a. - Frankie who married W. Sparks.

          2a. - Yelverton Peyton King (1796-1845), 2nd son of Alexander King and Molly Hall, married Minerva Markwell.  Issue: 1b. - John Alexander, q.v.; 2b. - William Joseph, q.v.; 3b. - Mary Elizabeth who married John Gibbs; 4b. - Charles Lemuel; 5b. - James Yelverton; 6b. - George Walter, q.v.

          1b. - John Alexander King, eldest son of Yelverton Peyton King and Minerva Markwell, married a Miss Bogard and had issue: Edward, Thomas, and Elizabeth.

          2b. - William Joseph King, 2nd son of Yelverton Peyton King and Minerva Markwell, married Lavinia Wheeler and among other children had Alexander Rogers King.

          6b. - George Walter King, youngest son of Yelverton Peyton King and Minerva Markwell, married Mary Eldridge and had: Albert who married Cleo Crenshaw; Annie who married Polk Bernard; Chester Lee; Lemuel Charles who married 1st, Cora A. Tichenor, and 2nd, Nora Reid, and had Brooke D. who married Elwood Baker, Catherine E. who married Jesse McGary, Yelverton Ira (born 1895), Cora Elsie (born 1899), Rufus Reid (born 1899), Esther Gilliand (born 1901), John Lemuel (born 1903).

          d. - Nelson King, 4th son of Withers King and Sarah Harrison, was born in Stafford county, Va., about 1767.  He married Charlotte Russell and lived in Bullit county, Ky.  Their children were: William who married Emily McArthur; Samuel who married Mary Pond; John who married Nancy Sparks; Charles who married Martha Coe; Lemuel who married Lavinia Jones; James who married Nellie Taylor; Elizabeth who married George Tyler.

          i. - Lucy King, daughter of Withers King and Sarah Harrison, was born in Nelson county, Ky., in 1789.  She married James Caldwell, son of General John Caldwell.  Issue: Sarah King who married E.B. Strickland; James who married Nancy Trimble and had a daughter, Agnes, who married George King and moved to Missouri.  We can not identify George King.

          iii. - William King, Jr., 3rd son of William King and Elizabeth Edwards, was born in Overwharton Parish, Stafford county, Va., on


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February 22, 1745, and died in Kentucky after 1800.  He served in the American Revolution as a private in the Virginia militia, Third Virginia Regiment.  He later went to Kentucky and settled.  There he served under General Shelby, participating in the battle of King's Mountain.  He received 1782 acres of land in Jefferson county, Ky., for his military service.  He was a member of the Convention of 1792 which formed the first constitution of Kentucky.  He married in Virginia, in Stafford county, about 1765, Letitia Bland, daughter of Osborne Bland and Letitia Scarlet.  She was born in Stafford county, Va., about 1748, and died in Kentucky after 1800.  Their children were: a. - Elijah, b.- Elizabeth, c.- George, d. - Nancy, e.- Mary, f. - Williams Edwards, g.- Abner, h. John. 

          c. - George King, second son of William King, Jr., and Letitia Bland, was born in Stafford county, Va., on July 21, 1769, and died in Opelousas, La., in 1851.  He moved with his parents to Kentucky in 1780 and was educated at Danville, under the celebrated DR. Joseph Priestly.  He visited the Opelousas country in Louisiana in 1790, having descended the Mississippi river in a flatboat.  He returned to Kentucky the same year, making the journey on horseback.  In 1795 he settled in New Orleans and there in 1797 married Amelia Le Jeune, member of a prominent French family, who was born in Santo Domingo about 1770 and died in Opelousas, La., in 1855.  George King was appointed by Governor Claiborne in 1805 Parish judge of the parish of St. Landry, which office he retained until he resigned in November, 1842.  He participated in the battle of New Orleans in 1815 under General Andrew Jackson as first lieutenant of a company.  He reared a family of six children, all of whom survived him.  They were: 1a. - Nancy, 2a.- George Rogers, 3a. - Louise, 4a. - Eliza, 5a. - Emily Matilda, 6a. Adela Bland.


          1a. - Nancy King, eldest child of George King and Amelia Le Jeune, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1798.  She was married in 1817 at Opelousas, La., to her cousin, Valentine King, son of General John Edwards King and Sarah Clifton.  She died at Napoleonville, La., in 1870.  We have a record of seven children born of this marriage:  Matilda, John Edwards, Eliza, William, Sophia, Valentine Overton, and Caroline.  For an account of these children see Valentine King on a subsequent page. 

          2a. - George Rogers King, only son of George King and Amelia Le Jeune, was born in New Orleans, La., in 1799, and died near Opelousas, La., about 1860.  He was an associate justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court for many years prior to his retirement about 1850.  After that he lived on his plantation near Opelousas where he died.  He married on May 12, 1832, Anne Elizabeth Wynne.  She was born at Charlottesville, Va., in November, 1809, and was a daughter of John Wynne (born Sept. 9, 1782) and his wife, Emily


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Johnson.  John Wynne was a son of John Wynne who was born December 23, 1751.  Judge King and Anne Elizabeth Wynne had one daughter, 1b. - Mary Virginia King.

          1b. - Mary Virginia King, only child of Judge George Rogers King and Anne Elizabeth Wynne, was born near Opelousas, La., on October 4, 1844, and died in New Orleans, La., on January 8, 1893.  She was married on October 8, 1871, to Dr. Samuel Logan who was born near Charleston, South Carolina, and graduated in medicine from the College of Charleston.  He taught at the Medical College of Richmond, Va., and was called from there to the chair of Anatomy in the University of Louisiana (now Tulane University) in 1870.  A few years later he accepted the chair of Surgery at Tulane University which he filled until his death in 1893.  Seven children were born of this marriage: 1c. - George Rogers King; 2c. - Elizabeth Younge (or Yonge), 3c. - Samuel, Jr., 4c. - Virginia King, 5c. - Thomas Muldrup, 6c. - Mabel Overton, 7c. - Richard Bland.


          1c. - George Rogers King Logan was born in New Orleans in October 1873.  He married on September 7, 1910, Ellen Lee Rogers of Lexington, Va.  Their children were Kitty Minor and George Rogers King, Jr. (abridged).

          2c. - Elizabeth Younge Logan was born in New Orleans, La., on August 25, 1875, and died there on June 29, 1941.  She was married on November 18, 1890 to James McConnell, Jr., son of James McConnell, Sr., and Delphine Blanc.  Mr. McConnell was born September 8, 1870, and died  August 21, 1934.  Four children were born of this marriage: 1d. - James Nelson McConnell, 2d. - Samuel Logan McConnell, 3d. - Margaret Nelson McConnell, 4d. - Richard Bland McConnell.

          1d. - James Nelson McConnell was born March 31, 1892, and married December 1, 1917, Pauline Hammond.  They have two children: James Logan McConnell, and Pauline Blanc McConnell (abridged).

          2d. - Samuel Logan McConnell was born October 28, 1894.  He is an engineer by profession and served in World War I as a lieutenant in the U.S. Engineers.  He married on April 30, 1921, Suzanne Bringier.  They have four children: Trist Bringier McConnell, Mary Elizabeth McConnell, Suzanne Myrthe McConnell, and Stella Logan McConnell (abridged).

          3d. - Margaret Nelson McConnell was born February 12, 1900, and


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was married February 28, 1922, to Thomas Sidney.  The have two children: Cedric Thomas Sidney and Mary Virginia Sidney (abridged).

          4d. - Richard Bland McConnell was born April 18, 1902, and married on December 20, 1928, Virginia Fenner.  The have three children: Virginia McConnell, Charles Fenner McConnell and Richard Bland McConnell, Jr (abridged). 

          3c. - Samuel Logan, Jr., was born in New Orleans, La., on July 21, 1876.  He married on June 14, 1911, Adele Martin Matthews of New Orleans.  Their children were: Adel Margerie and Barbara Martin (abridged).

          4c. - Virginia King Logan was born in New Orleans, La., on September 14, 1877.  She was married in 1901 to Robert Brookbank Eskrigge of New Brighton, England.  Their children were: Barbara Linton, Robert Logan, Latham Robson, Edith Agnes and Winifred Virginia (abridged).

          5c. - Thomas Muldrup Logan was born in New Orleans, La., on November 2, 1879.  He married on January 15, 1908, Gertrude Monroe of New Orleans.  Their children were: Alice Blanc, Virginia King and Gertrude Monroe (abridged).

          6c. - Mabel Overton Logan was born in New Orleans, La., on February 7, 1881.  She was married in 1908 to Jules Blanc Monroe of New Orleans.  Their children were: Raburn and Malcolm Logan (abridged).

          7c. - Richard Bland Logan was born in New Orleans, La., on September 2, 1887.


          3a. - Louisa King, 3rd child of George King and Amelia Le Jeune, was born in New Orleans, La., about 1802, and was married about 1827 to Captain Pierre Gabriel Wartelle, prominent sugar planter of St. Landry parish, La.  Capatain Wartelle was born April 14, 1787, in Brie, France, and died in St. Landry parish, La., in 1869.  He was a captain in the French Army under the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and came to America after the battle of Waterloo.  He acquired much property in St. Landry Parish and there build the old Wartelle home in 1828 which is yet standing.  Captain Wartelle and Louisa King had six children: Jean Gabriel Wartelle born 1829, Annette Wartelle born 1833, Felix Wartelle born 1836 (killed at the battle of Shiloh), Amelia Wartelle born 1840, Ferdinand Wartelle born 1842 (abridged). 

          4a. - Eliza King, 4th child of George King and Amelia Le Jeune, was born in New Orleans, La., in 1805, and died at Rayne, La., of pneumonia in 1902.  She was married in Opelousas, La., in 1824, by the Abbe Rossi, Catholic Bishop, to Dr. James Dixon, native of Maryland, who settled in Opelousas, La., soon after graduating in medicine.  He died in 1829.  Eliza (King) Dixon, though left a widow when very young, never remarried.  She was a most accomplished and brilliant woman, and managed her large estate at Belle-vue where she owned many slaves.  There were two children born of this marriage:  Amelia Dixon, born in 1826, and James King Dixon, born in 1828 (abridged). 

          5a. - Emily Matilda King, 5th child of George King and Amelia Le Jeune, was born near Opelousas, La., on January 13, 1813.  She was married there on June 5, 1828, to Judge John Holmes Overton, and died September 19, 1860.  Judge Overton was born in Fayettesville, North Carolina, on March 28, 1797, and died in Louisiana on March 25, 1885.  His father was Thomas Overton of Virginia, a major in the Revolutionary War and brigadier general in charge of North Carolina troops.  He married Penelope Holmes of North Carolina.  General Overton moved to Tennessee in 1801 where he died in 1827.  He was a son of James Overton and his wife, Mary Waller, both of Virginia.  General Overton was a great friend of General Andrew Jackson and was his second in the famous duel between Jackson and Dickerson in which the latter was killed.  Judge John Holmes Overton was a member of the Louisiana legislature, District Judge, and a commissioner to fix the boundary lines between Louisiana and the Republic of Texas.  Judge Overton and his wife had the following children:  1b. - Thomas, 2b. - Penelope, 3b. - Ella, 4b. - John King (abridged). 


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6a. - Adela Bland King, 6th child of George King and Amelia Le Jeune, was born near Opelousas, La., on December 25, 1820, and died December 25, 1858.  She was married on August 26, 1846, to General John Galbraith Pratt of New Orleans who first settled in Opelousas, La., having gone there from Hartford, Connecticut. They have three children: 1b. - Matilda (died young), 2b. George King, 3b. - Adele Overton (abridged). 


f. - William Edwards King, 3rd son of William King, Jr., and Letitia Bland, was born in Stafford county, Va., in 1773.  He went to Kentucky with his father and lived in Nelson county where he married on September 29, 1808, Elizabeth Baskett.  They had eight children: 1a. - Addison, 2a. - Frances, 3a. - Nancy, 4a. - Jesse, 5a. - Sarah, 6a. - Elizabeth, 7s. - William Martin, 8a. - Mildred.


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1a. - Addison King was born in Nelson county, Ky., on July 10, 1809.  We have been unable to trace any descendants from him.

2a. - Frances King was born in Nelson county, Ky., on January 12, 1811, and was married to Scott Graham.  No further record.

3a. - Nancy King was born in Nelson county, Ky., on October 3, 1812.  She was married to ------- Burke and moved to Missouri.

4a. - Jesse King was born in Nelson county, Ky., on May 21, 1814, and died in 1879.  He married a Miss Booth and moved to Lee Summit, Missouri.  His children were:  George, John, Henry, Sarah, Ella and Fannie.

5a. - Sarah King was born in Nelson county, Ky., on March 21, 1816, and married in 1835 Wesley Cook.  Their children were:  Elizabeth who married Fountain Johnson; Cynthia who married a Clemmons; Ella, born 1842, who married July 9, 1865, Benjamin Franklin Hulette; Zerelda, born 1844, married F.R. Clements and lived at Independence, Missouri (abridged).

6a. - Elizabeth King was born in Nelson county, Ky., on November 15, 1817.  She married William Duncan and had eight children: Mildred, Mary, Carried, William, Sarah F., Lucy Jane, Oscar D., and Newton Porter (abridged).

7a.  William Martin King was born in Nelson county, Kentucky on September 29, 1810.  No further record.

8a. - Mildred King was born in Nelson county, Kentucky, on July 20, 1821, and married William Nolan.  No further record.


g. - Abner King, 4th son of William King, Jr., and Letitia Bland, was born in Stafford county, Va., on October 3, 1775.  He went to Nelson county, KY., with his father and became prominent there as a colonel of the militia, a member of the legislature, surveyor, and zealous Baptist.    He was twice married.  His 1st wife was Margaret Stone, by whom he had a son, George Edwards King, said to have died young.  He married his 2nd wife, Polly Webber, in 1806, daughter of Philip Webber.  They four children: 1a. Jacintha E.,  2a. - Thompson W.,  3a. - Abner, Jr.,  4a. - Sarah Ann.


1a. - Jacintha E. King was born May 3, 1807, and died in 1886.  She married Joseph Reddish and they had four children: Abner King, Robert, Augustus W., and Ross (abridged). 

2a. - Thompson W. King was born on February 25, 1810, and married Isabel Beard.  Their children were:  Mary King who married Dr. Beckham, and James Beard King who married Naomi Thomas.  The latter couple had two children: Mary King and James Beard King, Jr.  Mary King, born February 26, 1860, married Dr. E.E. Phillips and lived in Oklahoma City.  James Beard King, Jr., was born July 29, 1866, and married April 12, 1888, Nina Carrithers.  The had five children, four of whom died young.  Their daughter, Ethel Gladys King, born 1895, married Hugh N. McDonald on November 18, 1920 and they have a daughter Nina McDonald.

3a. - Abner King, Jr., was born February 25, 1817, and died in 1899 in Nelson county, Ky.  He married in 1838 Nancy Stone.  For more than 30 years he was a moderator in the Baptist Church.  His seven children were: 

1b. - Elizabeth (i), 2b. - Albert D., 3b. - Bernard Stone, 4b. - Elmira, 5b. - Thompson, 6b. - James B., 7b. - Elizabeth (ii).


1b. - Elizabeth King (1), born 1840, married David Wells.

2b. - Albert D. King, born 1842, married in 1872 Nannie Johnston.  Their children were: Ada L. King who married Proctor J. Stoner and lived at Cox's Creek, Ky.; Abner W. King, born 1882, married 1911 Ida Lee Haynes and had three children, James Charles , Dorothy Adeline, and Nancy Elizabeth (abridged). 

3b. - Bernard Stone King, born December 13, 1845, died 1906, married in 1872 Susan Rogers.  They had four children:  Marion Erle, born August 1, 1875, married October 14, 1903, Mary Gladys Carr and have one son, Benjamin Carr; Rena E. born 1873, married 1st Alexander Briggs and 2nd Billy Winter; Rogers who married Agnes Murray; Bernard S. who married Marietta Haynes and have a daughter, May Haynes King. 

4b. - Elmira King, born 1847, married a Wright.

5b. - Thompson King, born 1851, married Florence McNeal.

6b. - James B. King, born 1854, died in 1890.

7b. - Elizabeth King (ii), born 1860 and died 1893.


h. John King, youngest son of William King, Jr. and Letitia Bland, was born in Stafford county, Va., about 1777.  We are unable


page 15


to trace him further.  Whether he married and left descendants we are unable to say.


          x.  John Edwards King, youngest son of William King and Elizabeth Edwards, was born at Dumfries, Prince William county, Va., on December 21, 1757, and died at his home, "Melmont", near Burksville, Kentucky, on May 13, 1828.  The Filson Club Papers tell us that he commanded the Third Brigade at the battle of the Thames (War of 1812), that he was county and circuit clerk of Cumberland county, a member of the Frankfort Bar, and was active in the militia service of his state.  When he was about seventeen years of age he participated with his father and his brothers Valentine and Nimrod in the American Revolution, serving in the Third Virginia Regiment.  They were discharged at Valley Forge on February 16, 1776.  His father having died in the year 1778-9 he, with his mother, Elizabeth (Edwards) King, and all of her family, moved to Kentucky.  This estimable lady was still living in 1790 when she is mentioned in the will of her son, Milton King.  Soon after establishing themselves in Kentucky John Edwards King and all of his brothers participated in the battle of King's Mountain on October 7, 1780, serving under Col. Isaac Shelby.  Many of his descendants have joined the Daughters of the American Revolution, and Daughters and Sons of the War of 1812 under his record of service in both wars.  His great grandson, Clarence W. King of Shreveport, La., furnished us with the following:



          Burkesville, Kentucky, is the county seat of Cumberland County.  Near this little town was located "Melmont" , the home of Gen. John Edwards King, born December 21, 1757, died May 13, j1828.

          Melmont was a very extensive farm, lying in a fertile valley between two ranges of mountains.  At this time, December 3, 1947, little remains of the old home and there is nothing left of the stables, barns, outhouses and other buildings.  Of the original house nothing is left except two or three rooms and the old stone walls of the basement and foundation.  The walls of the original portion are of logs but are now covered over with weather-boarding on the outside and ceiling on the inside so that nothing of their original strength and beauty can be seen. 

          The family burying ground is located a few hundred yards from the old house.  It is situated on a hill which juts out into the valley from the range of mountains behind, and this hill is about two hundred feet above the valley floor.  On the hill is a heavy growth of old cedars and the ground is covered with a soft carpet of creeper vines.  The view of the peaceful valley from the little


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cemetery on the hill is very lovely and makes an ideal place of rest for the dead.

          There are ten or twelve graves, all marked with small marble slabs.  No pretentious shaft rises to mar the quiet simplicity of the place.

          General King's grave is marked with a small slab like the rest.  At the top an angel, carved in low relief, holds a wreath and trumpet, and below is the inscription:



The Memory


Maj. Gen. John E. King

Aged 70 yrs. 4 months

22 days


He was Patriotic

Brave & Hospitable


          Next to General King's grave is one bearing the inscription, "Sacred to the Memory of Nancy - Consort of Alfred King - Born Sept. 2, 1808, died Sept. 12, 1836."  This "Nancy" was the second wife of Alfred King, my grandfather, but she was not my grandmother.  Alfred's third wife, my grandmother, was Ellen Christian Daniel.  She was buried in Victoria, Texas.


          John Edwards King married in Bardstown, Ky., on May 11, 1791, Sarah Clifton (1764-1815), daughter of Burdette Clifton, Jr., (1736-1793) and his wife, Rebecca Kenner.  The marriage was performed by Rev. Baldwin Clifton, either her twin brother or a cousin who bore the same name.  The Cliftons were prominent in England and America.  Anne Brent, eldest sister of the first George Brent of Woodstock, Stafford county, Va., and daughter of George Brent (son of Richard Brent, Lord of Lark Stoke and Admington, Gloucestershire, England) and his wife, Marianna (daughter of Sir John Peyton of Doddington, in the Isle of Ely).


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was married in Gloucestershire, England, to James Clifton, 5th son of Sir Thomas Clifton of Westby, Lancastershire, England, and his wife, Anne, daughter of Sir Cuthbert Halsall.  James Clifton came to Virginia in 1677 as one of the headrights of his brother-in-law, George Brent of Woodstock.  We find him in Maryland in 1699.  He returned to England and died there in 1714.  He and his wife, Anne, had several children among whom were Cuthbert and Thomas.  The elder, Cuthbert, married his cousin Elizabeth Brent, daughter of Robert Brent of Woodstock (son of the first George).  Thomas Clifton, son of James Clifton and Anne Brent, was born in England in 1663.  He first entered a religious order (Jesuits) but left after a year.  About 1706 he married Sarah [As Sarah McGill she made her will in Stafford county, VA., in November 1748, which was proved March 14, 1749.  In it she names her son Burdette Clifton and grandson Burdette Clifton, Jr.  Her three daughters by her first marriage (Jane, Elizabeth and Sarah Alexander) married three Dade brothers, Francis, Townshend and Cadwallader, respectively.]  daughter of John Ashton and widow of Col. Philip Alexander (she married 3rd McGill).  Their son, Burdette Clifton (1708-1761) married on July 15, 1732, Frances Hill.  They had a son, Burdette Clifton, Jr., born February 3, 1736, and died in 1796, who married in King George county, Va., in 1761 Rebecca Kenner, daughter of Howeson Kenner and Margaret Eskridge.  Howson Kenner was a son of Capt. Francis Kenner and Elizabeth Turbeville, and a grandson of Capt. Richard Kenner and Elizabeth Rodham.  Burdette Clifton, Jr., and Rebecca Kenner were the parents of Sarah Clifton who married Gen. John Edwards King.  The children of General King and his wife were: a. - Edwards, b. - Valentine, c. - William, d. - Milton, e. - Sophia, f. - Elizabeth, g. - Alfred, h. - Elijah, i. - Sarah. 

          Gen. John Edwards King married 2nd Ellen Priscilla Jefferson, widow of Thomas Jefferson of Charles City county, Va., and daughter of John Wiles (or Wayles).  Susan Wiles, sister of the John Wiles, married Gen. King's son, Milton.  The marriage contract of Ellen Priscilla Jefferson and Gen. John E. King was dated August 19, 1818.  This was her 3rd marriage, her 2nd being with Thomas Settle in Woodford county, Ky., on August 12, 1814, who had previously married twice.  She had several children by her marriage to Jefferson, one (Mary Ann Thomas Settle) by her second marriage, and none by her third.  Thomas Settle, son of George (son of Isaac of Prince George county, Va., who died in 1752), came to Kentucky in October, 1794 from Fauquier county, Va.  One of Thomas Settle's children by his first marriage, Bennett P. Settle, married Delilah Ann Jefferson, daughter of Thomas and Priscilla Jefferson.  The written


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consent for this marriage, dated August 10, 1816, and signed by the bride's mother, is on record in Frankfort, Ky.  Mary Ann Thomas Settle, born July, 1816, was married to John Butler.


          a. - Edwards King, eldest son of Gen. John Edwards King and Sarah Clifton, was born near Burkesville, Cumberland county, Ky., in 1792, and died there in 1829.  He served as an aide to his father in the War of 1812 and was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives for several years.  In 1812 he married Sarah Lewis who was the widow Dryden.  (abridged). They had seven children:  1a. - Harriet Brazil, 2a. - Wesley Valentine, 3a. - Mary Elizabeth, 4a. - William Rufus, 5a. - Helen Owsley (died young), 6a. - Julia Ann (died young), 7a. - Larissa Saufley.


1a.  Harriet Brazil King, eldest child of Edwards King and Sarah Lewis, was born in Cumberland county, Ky., in 1813.  She was married to John Jamieson Samuels and had twelve children: Henry, Lewis, Malvinie, Larissa Ellen, Katherine F., Richard Platt, Mary, Sarah, John (killed in Civil War), and Robert.

2a. - Wesley Valentine King, son of Edwards King, and Sarah Lewis, was born in Cumberland county, Ky., on April 27, 1815.  He married R.P. Walthal in Burkesville, Ky., on December 21, 1840, and had five children:  Mary, Wesley Valentine, Jr., William Rufus, born 1845, Henry born 1847, and Laura born 1849 and died at age of seventeen in Arkansas.

3a. - Mary Elizabeth King was born in Cumberland county, Ky., on August 16, 1817, and married Lewis Allen.  The had seven children: Evelyn Edwards, Pinkney Hiram, Larissa Ellen, Richard Edwards, Sarah Matilda Fay, Simon Boliver, Mary Lewis (abridged). 


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b. Valentine King, 2nd son of Gen. John Edwards King and Sarah Clifton, was born near Burkesville, Cumberland county, Ky., on January 9, 1794, and died at Opelousas, La., on July 13, 1835.  He was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1820 and served until 1822 when he was elected to the State Land Office which position he held for 13 years until his death in 1835.  He married in 1818 at Opelousas, La., his second cousin, Nancy King, daughter of George King and Amelia Le Jeune.   She was born in


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Orleans in 1798 and died at Napoleonville, La., in 1870.  The had seven children: 1a. - Matilda, 2a. - John Edwards, 3a. - Eliza, 4a. - William, 5a. - Sophia, 6a. - Valentine Overton, 7a. - Caroline.


1a. - Matilda King, eldest child of Valentine King and his wife, Nancy King, was born in St. Landry parish, La., in 1818 and died in 1848.  She was married November 21, 1837, to Dr. William Carpenter.  Their children were:  Anne, James, George King, and William.  Of these, George King and William were attending school in Virginia when the Civil War began.  They left school to enter the Confederate Army and were both killed in battle. 

2a. - John Edwards King, eldest son of Valentine King and Nancy King, was born at Opelousas, St. Landry parish, La., on June 10, 1820, and died there on December 6, 1881.  He married on May 1, 1845, August Saunders, daughter of Col. Lafayette Saunders and his wife Mary Smith.  Mrs. King was born at Clinton, La., on December 24, 1827, and died on February 25, 1895, at Eden, Miss.(abridged).  John Edwards King and Augusta Saunders had four children: 1b. - Lafayette Saunders, 2b. - Mary, 3b. - Nancy Matilda, 4b. - Augusta Saunders.


1b. - Lafayette Saunders King was born at Opelousas, La., on March 1, 1846, and was living on his plantation at Eden, Miss., as late as 1913.  He was attending school in North Carolina when the Civil War broke out and with some other boys ran away and joined the command of General Leonidas Polk (Gen. Polk was his god-father) at Columbus, Ky.  At the time he was about 15 years of age.  He was in active service throughout the war and was promoted from the ranks for gallant service.  He surrendered with General Kirby Smith's command at Shreveport, La., on June 20, 1865.  He married January 12, 1870, Helen Ingersoll, duaghter of John Ingersoll of Yazoo county, Miss.  His second wife was Josephine Strickland.  There were no children by either marriage. 

2b. - Mary King was born at Opelousas, La., on May 10, 1851, and died in New Orleans on August 16, 1916.  She was married November 30, 1870, to Leonce F. Lastrapes (born Opelousas, La., 1844, died there Dec 14, 1912) son of Jacques Lastrapes and Felonise Poiret (abridged). 


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3b. - Nancy Matilda King, daughter of John Edwards King (2a) and Augusta Saunders, was born in Opelousas, La., in 1853, and died young.

4b. - Augusta Saunders King (called Minnie), daughter of John Edwards King (2a) and Augusta Saunders, was born in Opelousas, La., on March 27, 1857.  She was married on December 31, 1881, to Judge Lindsay Dunn Beale of Baton Rouge, La. (abridged).


3a. - Eliza King, daughter of Valentine King and Nancy King, was born in St. Landry parish, La., in 1826, and died in 1863.  She was married to Dr. W.W. Carpenter, the widowed husband of her deceased sister, Matilda King.  They had no children.

4a. - William King, son of Valentine King and Nancy King, was born in St. Landry parish, La., in 1828 and died in 1835.

5a. - Sophia King, daughter of Valentine King and Nancy King, was born in St. Landry parish, La., in 1830, and died in 1904.  She was married in 1855 to Harvey Hamilton Goodwyn.  They had three children: 1b. - Caroline, 2b. - Nancy King, 3b. - Mary King. (abridged).

6a. Valentine Overton King, son of Valentine King and Nancy King, was born in St. Landry parish, La., in 1833.  We do not have the date of his death but know that he was living on May 8, 1915, when he wrote Mrs. Feldhauser, "Today is my wife's birthday.  She is 82 years old, only a few months younger than I." (abridged).  He married Helen Lewis and ... had only one daughter, Mary King, who married Judge James Harvey McLeary (abridged). 

7a. - Caroline King, youngest child of Valentine King and Nancy King, was born in Opelousas, La., on July 22, 1835, and died in Marksville, La., on January 9, 1878.  She was married in Opelousas, La., on February 23, 1859, to Judge Alfred Briggs Irion, son of Robert Richardson Irion and Ann Bernard Audebert.  Judge Irion was born in Avoyelles parish, La., on February 18, 1833, and died in New Orleans on May 21, 1903.  He was elected to Congress in 1884 and in 1889 was elected circuit judge of his district.  His father, Robert Richarson Irion, was born in Halifax county, Va., on August 22, 1808, and died in Avoyelles parish, La., on October 2, 1888, and was a son of Rev. George Anderson Irion and Rebecca Hunt, and the said George Anderson Irion was a son of Philip Jacob Irion


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(the emigrant ancestor) and Sarah Poindexter.  (abridged).  Judge Alfred Briggs Irion and Caroline King had the following children: 1b. - Annie Wynne, 2b. - Clifford Hill, 3b. - Valentine King, 4b. - Alfred Briggs, Jr., died young, 5b. - Robert Richardson, 6b. - Percy, 7b. - Emma, 8b. - Henry Audebert, 9b. - Eola. (abridged).


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3b, - Valentine King Irion, 2nd son of Judge Alfred Briggs Irion


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and Caroline King, was born in Marksville, La., on July 31, 1862, and died at his home in New Orleans in 1948.  He was outstanding for many years in the dental profession of Louisiana, and served with distinction as Conservation Commissioner for the State of Louisiana.  In 1889 he married Helen Lastrapes, daughter of Leonce F. Lastrapes and Mary King.  She died in 1947.  They had four children, Mary Caroline, Alfred King, Alice, and Albert Moore.  (abridged).


d. - Milton King, fourth sone of General John Edwards King and Sarah Clifton, was born in Burksville, Ky., on January 17, 1799, and died at Paducah, Ky., on August 27, 1874.  He was a lawyer and succeeded his father as Clerk of the County and Circuit Court of Cumberland county, Ky.  In about 1856 he moved to Paducah and there built a beautiful home where he lived until his death.  He married in Burksville, Ky., on December 19, 1816, Susan Wiles who was born in Norfolk, Va., on September 10, 1801.  She was a daughter of Dr. William W. Wiles and his wife, Ann Nancy Grymes (great grand-daughter of Col. Henry Willis and Ann Mildred Washington).  Susan (Wiles) King died November 30, 1839, and in 1845 Milton King married Barbara Kelley.  There were no children by the 2nd marriage.  Those of the first were: 1a. - Sallie Wiles, 2a. - Nancy Grymes, 3a. - Sophia Valentine, 4a. - Ellen Peyton, 5a. - John Quincy Adams, 6a. - Josephine Bonaparte, 7a. - Mary Ann Peyton, 8a. - Milton Burgess, 9a. - Susan Victoria, 10a. - Samuel Wiles. (abridged).


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5a. - John Quincy Adams King, 5th child and eldest son of Milton King and Susan Wiles, was born in Burkesville, Ky., on May 26, 1825, and died in Denver, Colorado, on February 28, 1880.  He practiced law in Paducah, Ky., where he had a beautiful home.  He served in the state legislature and in 1857 was Speaker of the House.  He was a graduate of Princeton University and a gifted orator.  In 1877 he moved with his family to Denver, Colorado, where he was engaged in the celebrated Vigil and St. Vrain Land Grant Case - a Mexican land grant.  He won the case over his opponent, the celebrated General Benjamin Butler of "New Orleans Civil War Fame."  The case was afterwards known as "Ben Butler's Waterloo."  At an earlier period he was lieutenant governor of Kentucky, and during the long illness and absence of the governor was sworn in as governor of Kentucky.  John Quincy Adams King died of pneumonia after a few days illness - the first illness he had ever had.  He married on May 8, 1851, his cousin, Leann Sophia King, daughter of Col. Alfred King and Nancy Haggard.  She was born August 5, 1833, and died in Denver on December 11, 1910.  There were six daughters born of this marriage: 1b. - Mary Elizabeth, 2b. - Nancy Susan, 3b. - Ellen Hodges, 4b. - Leann Quincy, 5b. - Good Watkins, 6b. - Zetta, died at age of two and a half years.  (abridged).


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5b. - Goode Watkins King, the estimable lady who gathered and furnished most of the material for this genealogy of the King family, was born in Paducah, KY., and educated at Wolf Hall, Denver, Colo.  She was twice married, 1st to Charles Frederick Robinson Haywood, and 2nd to Edward Feldhauser.  Mr. Haywood was editor of the Denver Republican and died of pneumonia shortly after their marriage.  The second marriage took place on August 31, 1892, and Mr. and Mrs. Feldhauser moved to St. Paul, Minn., where Mrs. Feldhauser died in 1945.  No issue.


6a. - Josephine Bonaparte King, fifth daughter of Milton King and Susan Wiles, was born November 7, 1827, and was married March 15, 1849, in Nashville, Tenn., to Almarine Marshall Alexander, born 1819, whose 1st wife (deceased) was her sister Sophia King.  She was married 2nd in Sherman, Texas, on February 26, 1867, to Major John Marshall Cummins who was born in Jackson, Minn., June 8, 1842, and died in Dallas, Texas, on October 24, 1887.  She died in Dallas on April 6, 1924, in her 95th year, and in full possession of all her faculties.  By her 1st husband she had three children: 1b. - John Martin Alexander, 2b. - Victoria Alexander, 3b. - Sophia Martha Alexander.  By the 2nd marriage she had one son, 4b. - Arthur Joseph Cummins. (abridged).


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g. - Alfred King, 5th son of General John Edwards King and Sarah Clifton, is well described in the biography below, furnished us by his grandson, Clarence Waldman King of Shreveport, La.:


"Alfred King was born March 31, 1806, at "Melmont", Burkesville, Ky.  He died May 9, 1872, and was buried at Victoria, Texas.  His 1st wife was -----, who died soon after marriage without issue.  His 2nd wife was Nancy Haggard of Burkesville, Ky., and his 3rd wife was Ellen Christian Daniel.  He first began practicing law when he was about 22 years old and continued this for about 15 years.  He was a devoted admirer of Henry Clay and after him named one of his sons.  He had some reputation as an orator and stumped the state of Alabama for Clay.  While he was doing this he met his 3rd wife.  In his early forties he visited his brother in Opelousas, La., and while there organized at his own expense a battalion of infantry for the war with Mexico.  He was ordered to Mexico and got as far as New Orleans when peace was declared.  His rank was colonel.  In the early fifties he stopped the practice of law and became a Baptist minister and missionary, whose duty it was to travel through the country and organize Baptist churches.  In the latter fifties he was in San Antonio and through his efforts the first Baptist church in Texas was established there on the corner of Jefferson and Travis streets.  The old church was torn down about 1900.  Just before the breaking out of the Civil War he moved with his family to Victoria, Texas, deciding it was the best place to bring up five boys who had to make their future.  He purchased a small plantation and took his slaves with him.  He was too old to fight in the war and was opposed to secession.  All of his sons who were of age fought in the war on the Confederate side.  Almost three years after the war he was made postmaster of Victoria and three years later resigned the position on account of ill health.  For his military service in the Mexican War he was given a grant of land in Louisiana which he afterwards sold. 


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My father told me this incident of which Alfred was evidently not proud, as he would never discuss it:  When Gen. John E. King died Alfred and his brother Milton took as their share of the legacy a string of race horses, grooms trainers, jockeys and other slaves.  With these horses they achieved a national reputation, and then one night the stables burned and they lost all their horses."


Alfred King's second wife, Nancy Haggard, was a daughter of Dr. Rice Haggard and Nancy Grymes (daughter of Major William Grymes of the Revolution and Ann Wallis).  She was born in Kentucky on September 12, 1808, and died in Burkesville, Ky., in 1838.  They were married July 4, 1826.  Six children were born of this marriage:  1a. - John Edwards, 2a. - Susan, born May 7, 1829, 3a. - Henry, 4a. - Leann Sophia, 5a. - Elizabeth Nancy, 6a. - Walter Francis, born 1838, never married.  Alfred King's 3rd wife was Ellen Christian Daniel (1820-1889), daughter of Woodson Daniel and Elizabeth Mitchell.  They were married December 3, 1844, and she outlived him many years.  They had six children: 7a. - Indiana, 8a. - Alfred Valentine, 9a. Thomas Chesley, 10a. - William Woodson, 11a. - Templeton Mitchell, 12a. - Beverly Daniel. 


1a. - John Edwards King, eldest son of Alfred King and his 2nd wife, Nancy Haggard, was born May 19, 1827, and died in 1882.  He married three times, 1st a Miss Turner of New Orleans, no issue; 2nd in 1857 Martha Yarborough Howze, daughter of Henry Howze of North Carolina and Kekomoisa Mitchell, and had three children; 3rd Sarah Swan and had one daughter, Florence.  The children of the 2nd marriage were:  Belle Forrest King who married Frederick W. Stukenborg of Covington, Ky.; Allen King, a physician of New Orleans, who was shot and killed by a 12 year old boy, and who had two daughters; Henry Luico King who died at Bay Shore, Long Island, and had two daughters, Hazel Wildone and Belle Regal King, both now living in New York.  The child by the 3rd marriage, Florence King, married in 1900 Dr. Charles Logan Gunn, son of John Perry Gunn and bElla Logan - they lived in Gadsden, Alabama, and had a daughter Caroline King Gunn, born April 1, 1901. 


3a. - Henry King, 2nd son of Alfred King and his 2nd wife Nancy Haggard, was born July 29, 1831, and died in 1894.  He was a colonel in the Civil War and a U.S. Senator.  Sam Bell Maxey once said of him:


"He is the bravest man I ever saw, and one of the noblest at heart.  I deem it a great honor to claim him as a friend.  I saw him in action in the war - a picture I shall never forget so long as I live.  He was a magnificent specimen of humanity anyway, and rode a white horse, and so conspicuous was he


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by his skillful leadership and bravery, that he was a marked man.  If anybody was doomed I was certain he was.  I can see those steel blue eyes of his now, flashing defiance at the Yankees.  He and his big white horse were in the forefront of everything, as he lead his men on and into the thick of it with his imperious gestures."


          Col. King was twice married.  By his 1st wife, Ellen Dallum, he had no children.  His 2nd wife was Sarah Haughton whom he married on April 19, 1865, and they had five children: Haughton, born 1869, and died unmarried; Pauline, q.v.; Maud who was married the Rev. T.M. Lewis; Frances who married Thomas Brown King, no issue; Ida, no record, probably died young.

          Pauline King, 2nd child of Col. King, was born in 1871, and died in 1923.  She was married to Robert Brooks, President of the Brooks Paper Co., of St. Louis.  Their children were: Pauline, born August 15, 1893; Robert W. born October 18, 1895; Everett Lee, born December 4, 1897; Lucille, born February 24, 1900; Florence, born December 14, 1906. 


4a. - Leann Sophia King, daughter of Alfred King and his 2nd wife, Nancy Haggard, was born August 5, 1833, and died in 1910.  She was married to her cousin, John Quincy Adams King, son of Milton King and Susan Wiles.  They had six children (daughters) - see John Quincy Adams King on a previous page.


5a. - Elizabeth Nancy King, daughter of Alfred King and his 2nd wife, Nancy Haggard, was born February 19, 1836.  She was married in 1861 in Victoria, Texas, to William Hunt.  They moved to Sherman, Texas, and had the following children: Leann, Alfred King, John Wilkins, William Edwards.


7a. - Indiana King, usually called "India," daughter of Alfred King and his 3rd wife, Ellen Christian Daniel, was born May 24, 1846, and died December 19, 1878.  She was twice married, 1st to Jesse C. Wheeler on August 16, 1862, at Victoria, Texas, who died in Brownsville, Texas; 2nd to William J. Craig on March 13, 1870.  (abridged).


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8a. - Alfred Valentine King, 2nd child of Alfred King and his 3rd wife, Ellen Christian Daniel, was born February 5, 1848, and died in 1868, unmarried.


9a. - Thomas Chesley King, 3rd child of Alfred King and his 3rd wife, Ellen Christian Daniel, was born December 9, 1850.  He married 1st, on December 4, 1878, Mary E. Terrell, born 1854, died January 6, 1886, and had one child, Monan Terrell King, born July 30, 1881.  He married 2nd, on September 7, 1887, Minnie McCann, and had one child, John Edwards King, born September 29, 1888.


10a. - William Woodson King was the 4th child of Alfred King and his 3rd wife, Ellen Christian Daniel.  His son, Clarence Waldman King of Shreveport, La., has kindly furnished us with the following account of his father:


"William Woodson King was born in Burkesville, Ky., on May 3, 1852, where he lived until he was eight years of age.  At this time his father moved to Texas and settled on a small plantation near Victoria.  There he went to the German-English school until 1866, then he was sent to Paducah, Ky., and attended the Paducah Academy for three years.  While he was going to school there he studied law during his spare time, in the office of his 1st cousin, Gov. John Quincy Adams King.  In 1870 he returned to Victoria and for a year was engaged in surveying the railroad from Victoria to Cuero.  Owing to a spell of illness he had to give up the surveying and returned to the study of law in the office of Judge A.B. Petticolas.  He was admitted to the bar in December, 1873, and practiced in Victoria until 1874 when he became a partner of Petticolas and moved to Wharton where he opened a branch office.  In February, 1876, he married Annie Forrester Waldman of Matagorda.  The same year he was elected district attorney for Wharton county.  He was general attorney for the Gulf, West Texas and Pacific Railroad until he left Wharton in 1885.  This move was necessitated by the poor health of his wife, and the family spent six months in Galveston and then moved to San Antonio.  There he formed a partnership with Gen. J.H. McLeary which continued until he was appointed Judge of the 45th District Court by Governor Ross.  Afterwards he was elected to the same office twice; then returned to private practice.  In 1890 he published his first volume of King's Conflicting Cases; in 1900 he published his second volume, and in 1910 his third.  In 1896 he was presidential elector on the Democratic ticket.  He retired from the practice of law in 1932.  He brought about the amalgamation of the two oldest clubs in San Antonio, the San Antonio Club and the Casino


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Club.  He was the first president and continued on the board until his death on September 15, 1932."


          Judge King's wife, Annie Forrester Waldman, was born in 1852 and died in San Antonio, Texas, on November 13, 1922.  They had three children: 1b. - Clarence Waldman King, 2b. - India King, 3b. - Julia Ellen King.


1b. Clarence Waldman King, only son of Judge William Woodson King and Annie Forrester Waldman, was born in Wharton, Texas on December 19, 1876.  He was a member of the class of 1899, University of Texas.  At the outbreak of the Spanish-American War he enlisted with Company F, First Texas Volunteer Infantry.  He resides in Shreveport, La., was a prominent architect for many years, and is now retired.  Mr. King married on February 3, 1910, Julia Warrington Alcocke, born November 7, 1881.  They had had two children, Lola Fayette King and William Woodson King.  The latter was born in 1914 and died the same year.  Lola Fayette King, the elder, was born May 7, 1912.  She graduated in medicine from Cornell University and on October 26, 1935, was married to Carl White Stroud, also a doctor of medicine who was born in Louisiana on May 25, 1908.  They now reside in Seattle, Washington, and have two children: Lynne Stroud, born --------, and Leigh Stroud, born -----------.


2b. - India King, 2nd child of Judge William Woodson King and Annie Forrester Waldman, was born in Wharton, Texas, and was married November 19, 1902, to Guyton Palmer Stubbs who was born in Monroe, La., on January 14, 1875. (abridged).


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3b, - Julia Ellen King, 3rd child of Judge William Woodson King and Annie Forrester Waldman, was born in Wharton, Texas, on April 26, 1882.  She was married 1st on April 5, 1904, to Samuel Reid Cleaves......(abridged).  Julia Ellen King married 2nd, Joseph Hardin Frost, born August 20, 1881.  (abridged).


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11a. - Templeton Mitchell King, 5th child of Alfred King and his 3rd wife, Ellen Christian Daniel, was born April 4, 1855.  We have no further record of him, it is probably that he died young.


12a. - Beverly Daniel King, 6th child of Alfred King and his 3rd wife, Ellen Christian Daniel, was born March 25, 1857, and married September 8, 1885, Hendri Jones Arrington, born October 15, 1865.  Their children were: William Woodson King, born July 3, 1886, died 1887; Mary Ellen King, born 1887.




King Descendancy Chart - According to Goode King Felhauser/George M.G. Stafford