Sora Different Forms

In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora has many other fighting forms when fighting Heartless.

Valor Form is Sora's first form.  He wears a cool looking cloths and is power up.  In Valor Form, you can defeat Heartless better and do other outstanding moves. 

Wisdom Form is Sora's second form.  In Wisdom Form, you shoot magicals bullets out of your Keyblade.  You also glide on the ground so it looks like your skating without the skates.  In Wisdom Form, Sora wears  blue cloths.

Master Form is Sora's third form.  In Master Form, you can fight Heartless.  Pretty much like Valor but it is much stronger than Valor form.  While Sora is in Master Form, he wears a yellow outfit.

Final Form is Sora's last form.  Final Form is the ultimate form.  In Final Form, Sora will be flying and his keyblades will be flying with him.  When your fighting in Final Form, you re going to be unstoppable.  Final Form is the most power form and also the most coolest.  Sora will be wearing silver cloths which look awsome!

There is an other form of Sora.  But this form only happen rarely.  It is the Dark Form.  The Dark Form only happen when you use a single form too much.  Dark Form can be an Advantage but also a disadvantage.  Dark Form is a very strong form which let you hit your enemy constantly but you won't be able to get out of it.  While Sora is in Dark Form, you can not heal your heath bar, you can't use any magic and the only way to get out of Dark Form is to wait untill  your "Drive Points" are out. 


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