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posted Aug 9, 2010, 7:44 AM by Susannah Francis   [ updated Aug 9, 2010, 7:47 AM ]

Susannah Francis worked as a volunteer for me at Southport Church of the Nazarene for six months (July – Dec 2009).  She is happily and devotedly married to her husband Zach.  They serve together in ministry related activities such as worship leading, play writing and production, Christian discipleship.


Susannah has post graduate level competence in writing, equipping, and incorporating her thoughts and plans into accomplished tasks. She has competent computer, music, office managerial, and ministerial skills.  She has successfully performed the following services for me:

            Computer generated documents

            Filing praise team and choir music:

                        Pull and copy music for Praise team and choir folders

                        Insert music into praise team folders each week

            Copied CD’s for praise team and choir rehearsals


Susannah was available and present for 8-12 hours of volunteer help in music office weekly.  She works with zeal and desire to serve.  Susannah initiates work skills.  She occupies her time creatively when assignments are complete.  Susannah has a consistent, “Is there anything else I can do?” attitude about everything.  She is cheerfully motivated to serve the kingdom of God at all costs.


Harrison Stewart

315 E. Main St.

West Carrollton, Ohio 45449

Email:  hj.stewart@hotmail.com


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