Pa Gur yv y Portaur?

From Llyfr Caerfyrddin - Black Book of Carmarthen XXXI - Peniarth MS 1


WHAT man is the porter?
Glewlwyd Gavaelvawr.
Who is the man that asks it?
Arthur and the fair Cai.
How goes it with thee?
Truly in the best way in the world.
Into my house thou shalt not come,
Unless thou prevailest.
I forbid it.
Thou shalt see it.
If Wythnaint were to go,
The three would be unlucky
Mabon, the son of Modron,
The servant of Uthyr Pendragon;
Cysgaint, the son of Banon;
And Gwyn Godybrion.
Terrible were my servants
Defending their rights.
Manawydan, the son of Llyr,
Deep was his counsel.
Did not Manawyd bring
Perforated shields from Trywruid?
And Mabon, the son of Mellt,
Spotted the grass with blood?
And Anwas Adeiniog,
And Llwch Llawynnog--Guardians were they
On Eiddyn Cymminog,
A chieftain that patronised them.
He would have his will and make redress.
Cai entreated him,
While he killed every third person.
When Celli was lost,
Cuelli was found; and rejoiced
Cai, as long as he hewed down.
Arthur distributed gifts,
The blood trickled down.
In the hail of Awarnach,
Fighting with a hag,
He cleft the head of Paiach.
In the fastnesses of Dissethach,
In Mynyd Eiddyn,
He contended with Cynvyn;
By the hundred there they fell,
There they fell by the hundred,
Before the accomplished Bedwyr.
On the strands of Trywruid,
Contending with Garwlwyd,
Brave was his disposition,
With sword and shield;
Vanity were the foremost men
Compared with Cai in the battle.
The sword in the battle
Was unerring in his hand.
They were stanch commanders
Of a legion for the benefit of the country- Bedwyr and Bridlaw;
Nine hundred would to them listen;
Six hundred gasping for breath
Would be the cost of attacking them.
Servants I have had,
Better it was when they were.
Before the chiefs of Emrais
I saw Cai in haste.
Booty for chieftains
Was Gwrhir among foes;
Heavy was his vengeance,
Severe his advance.
When he drank from the horn,
He would drink with four.
To battle when he would come
By the hundred would he slaughter;
There was no day that would satisfy him.
Unmerited was the death of Cai.
Cai the fair, and Llachau,
Battles did they sustain,
Before the pang of blue shafts.
In the heights of Ystavingon
Cai pierced nine witches.
Cai the fair went to Mona,
To devastate Llewon.
His shield was ready
Against Oath Palug
When the people welcomed him.
Who pierced the Cath Palug?
Nine score before dawn
Would fall for its food.
Nine score chieftains...

[here the manuscript breaks off]


Pa gur yv y porthaur.
Gleuliud gauaeluaur.
Pa gur ae gouin.
Arthur. a chei guin.
Pa imda genhid.
Guir gorev im bid.
Ym ty ny doi.
Mi ae guardi.
Athi ae gueli.
Vythneint elei.
Assivyon ell tri.
Mabon am mydron.
Guas uthir pen dragon.
Kysceint. mab banon.
A guin godybrion.
Oet rin vy gueisson
In amuin ev detvon.
manawidan ab llyr.
Oet tuis y cusil.
Neustuc manauid.
Eis tull o trywrid.
A mabon am melld.
Maglei guaed ar guelld.
Ac anguas edeinauc.
A lluch. llauynnauc.
Oetin diffreidauc.
Ar eidin cyminauc.
Argluit ae llochi
My nei ymtiwygei.
Kei ae heiriolei.
Trae llathei pop tri.
Pan colled kelli.
caffad cuelli. aseirolei.
Kei hid trae kymynhei.
Arthur ced huarhei.
Y guaed gouerei.
In neuat awarnach
In imlat ew agurach.
Ew a guant pen palach.
In atodev. dissethach.
Ym minit eidin.
Amuc. a. chinbin.
Pop cant id cuitin.
I d cvitin. pop cantt.
Rac beduir bedrydant.
Ar traethevtrywrid.
In amrvin a garv luid.
Oet guychir y annuyd.
O detyw ac yscuid.
Oet guaget bragad
Vrth. kei ig kad.
Oet cletyw ighad.
Oe lav diguistlad.
Oet hyneiw guastad
Ar lleg ar lles gulad.
Beduir. a bridlav.
Nau cant guarandau.
chuechant y eirthau.
A talei y ortinav.
Gueisson am buyint.
Oet guell banuitint.
Rac riev emreis.
Gueleise. kei ar uris.
Preitev gorthowis.
Oet gur hir in ewnis.
Oet trum y dial.
Oet tost y cynial.
Pan yuei o wual
Y uie urth peduar.
Yg kad pendelhei.
Vrth cant idlathei.
Ny bei duv ae digonhei.
Oet diheit aghev kei.
Kei guin allachev.
Digonint we kadev
Kin gloes glas verev.
Y guarthaw ystaw in gun.
Kei a guant nav guiton.
Kei win aaeth von
Y dilein lleuon.
Y iscuid oet mynud
Erbin cath paulc.
Pan gogiuerch tud.
Puy guant cath paluc.
Nau ugein kinlluc.
A cuytei in y buyd.
Nau ugein kinran. a[*]

* Here the MS is defective.