Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology and Honors Anatomy and Physiology.


My name is Pamela King and I have been teaching at Canyon High School since 1993.  I started the anatomy and physiology program here and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this subject all these years.  I happen to think that the human body is an amazing machine and I hope you too will marvel at its wonders.  The curriculum will be delivered to all types of learners by using many different strategies.  There will be lectures, drawing, coloring, singing, labs, activities, video clips, and quizzes.  Since medicine has its own language, most lessons will begin with a warm-up of Greek and Latin root words.  By the end of the class, you will be able to understand what the “doctor is saying.”  If you enjoy the TV show, House, you will enjoy our group mystery diagnosis activities.  Some of my tests, as you have probably heard, are very hard; they are so hard in fact that some are called challenges.  I promise to challenge you all year and make you all better thinkers.  My grades are based on tests and packets.  In your packet you will find everything you need for each chapter including notes, quizzes, drawings, labs, activities, a study guide.  In most packets the notes are typed for you.  You can sometimes earn extra credit points by supplementing these notes.  This can be done by adding facts learned in class, from your book, or from other sources.  You should get 100% on your packet since most of the work is done in class. It needs to be neat, complete and handed in on time.  Incomplete pages may result in a 0.   I am available for extra help during lunch on most days-check with me beforehand.  

I do not want to see cell phones in class.  If you are listening to music or using your cell during instruction, you might as well tell me that you don’t care what I have to say.  I have put in countless hours to ensure an exciting curriculum and I get very sad and insulted when you prefer your phone to me.  There is no regularly assigned homework other than to read your book, finish packet work, review presentations, watch videos, and sing, so use this time after school to catch up on your texts, not class time.  MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENTS EVERYDAY!  

If you didn’t know it, the number one health concern of teens is lack of sleep.  Please turn off the phone and get at least nine hours of sleep.  Yes, nine!  Teens need more sleep than children. It’s good for your developing brain and it will benefit you later in life.  

One of my favorite words is “ponder.”  You will learn some amazing facts about the body this year.  Learn to shut off the electronics, sit back, close your eyes, and ponder the wonders of the human body.  Thank your organs for all that they do for you every day.  Enjoy the class and I look forward to an exciting and academically challenging year. 



Message to parents:

I do not regularly post grades on Infinite Campus; I believe that juniors and seniors need to be responsible for their own grades.  As grades are updated, they will be posted in the back of the classroom and on the website occasionally.  These last years of high school are an important time to learn how to transition into college.  Please ask your student to talk with me before you email or call me about their grade.  If there are any major problems, I will certainly let you know.  I expect more out of my students regarding their academics, attitude, and study habits.  I usually have no D’s or F’s.  As a teacher, it makes me very happy and gratified to see students succeed.  I am thrilled that so many students are interested in anatomy and physiology each year and you can be sure that I will do my best to inspire and challenge them and to deliver a rigorous and engaging lesson each day. 

Maintaining homeostasis, 

Pamela King