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You can earn extra credit by making a music video about an anatomy topic.  If you choose to make a video, you must provide me with information about the video beforehand.  Please provide me with a hard copy of the topic you have chosen, the song you will sing, and the cast of students.  Extra credit is due before the last week of the semester (not counting finals).  Only one video per semester will be accepted.  There will be no exceptions to these guidelines.  




    The address is:

    Look for any important announcements on the home page.

2.  Check the calendar.  The daily agenda, packet due dates and test dates will be posted.  

3.  Due dates will be posted on the calendar, web home page, and in class.  

4.  Grades will be posted in the back of the classroom and on the website occasionally. 

5.  SAVE ALL PACKETS.  You will need them for the final in May.  

6.  Read the white board as you enter the classroom each day.  It will tell you what you need for the day.  Please have  your Anatomy essentials packets and your chapter packet with you each day.  The anatomy essentials packets include Word of the Day (WOD) and Hormones. 

7.  The powerpoints I use for instruction are on the website.  Use them for review, to look ahead, or if you were absent from the class.  The entire chapter lessons, minus the answers to the quizzes, are available in the powerpoint.  

8.  The daily review questions will be posted everyday.  If you are absent, please make sure you understand each concept. 

9.  Most of us are musical learners, so use the anatomy songs to help you learn.  You can download the music only version onto your phone.  There is also a music video version of the song that can be viewed on the website under each chapter title or on my youtube channel "learnthroughsong".  Each year I hear students say that the songs really help and that they should have used them more regularly.  Instead of that noise that you usually listen to, you can now cut down your study time by listening to these fabulous songs. lol

10.  I will show short video clips in class to enhance the lessons.  These videos are available to you on the website under each chapter title.

11.  I will provide colored pencils, highlighters, and other necessary supplies.  You only need to bring your packets each day.

12.  The textbook is a college level book and we have many different editions.  It is titled, Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology, for the Honors A&P students and Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology, for the A&P students.  Please use the book to supplement your classroom instruction.  Do not bring the book to class; keep it under your pillow and read it before you go to bed.

13.  Students who miss class are responsible for making up work and tests in a timely manner and in accordance with district policies  

 14.  Students will be reassembling chicken skeletons, dissecting fetal pigs, writing and recording songs, and participating in many other labs and activities.  These opportunities can be costly.  A donation would be greatly appreciated. 

15.  Please come to class ready to learn.  I look forward to seeing you everyday.