This is a temporary website for Kinected while the current one is being made.

Kinected is a program designed to help catch intruders in your home! Using Microsoft's Kinect, Kinected saves images,  alerts you, and saves information about the intruder to help you find them and prosecute them.

Developed by William McInroy starting in 2011, Kinected started as a science fair project that will be hopefully be released early April 2014. It has won regional and state science fairs, been nominated for Broadcom MASTERS, and won the National Center for Atmospheric Research award in supercomputing for computer and mathematical sciences.

Current Features:

  • Save Color Images

  • Save Depth Images

  • Play a sound when detected

  • Send notification email
  • Save bone lengths
  • Save skeleton

Features to be added

  • Save image of face
  • Facial recognition

Remember to send all suggestions/requests to kinectedhomesecurity@gmail.com

 Kinected is currently in it's beta state, and will be able to download in the next few weeks. (April 2014)