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Introduced in 2010, the Kinect sensor has revolutionized gaming experience in Xbox 360 console. Instead of using the traditional game controller, Kinect allows the user to control Xbox using gestures using its specialized depth sensor.

With the release of the Kinect for Windows SDK, the Kinect sensor can be interfaced with the PC and MATLAB, and used for research in various areas, including:

- Gesture recognition
- Motion tracking
- Gait analysis
- Background filtering
- 3D modeling
- Skeleton tracking
- and many more!

If you are working in the areas listed above, grab the opportunity to learn about Kinect in this course, which covers:

Introduction to Kinect

Interfacing Kinect with MATLAB

Kinect Fundamentals:
  - RGB camera
  - Depth camera
  - Recording sound
  - Recording video
  - Motor alignment

Exploring Kinect capabilities:
  - Background removal and align using depth image
  - Skeleton detection
  - Gesture recognition
  - 3D mapping

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