Dragon Spirit Tradition

Welcome to the online home for the Kindred of the Dragon Spirits, practitioners of the Dragon Spirit Tradition.  Dragon Spirit Tradition is a highly intellectual and eclectic contemporary Pagan tradition unique in its combination of beliefs and practices as well as its attention to detail and logical explanations for its beliefs and practices.  It came about precisely because there's nothing else quite like it, at least not that we've found.

Here you will find our web-presence, which at the moment isn't going to be a whole lot.  Dragon Spirit Tradition is partly a mystery tradition, meaning that some things have to be experienced first hand and words just don't suffice.  Nor should they.  On our site you will find a lot of information about what we aren't, a bit about what we are, and information on how to get more information if your interest is sparked by what you do see.  To navigate through the site, click on the arrows in the side bar to expand the pages.

Currently, Dragon Spirit Tradition is in its infancy and this site is currently under construction, so please check back often for site updates.

Contact Us:  dragonspirittradition@gmail.com