Klippings is a free viewer of Kindle highlights, notes, and bookmarks, stored in 'My Clippings.txt' file for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • MS Windows, Mac OS X (screenshot), and Linux versions
  • import and append notes, highlights, and bookmarks from Kindle clippings .txt format files
  • auto attach notes to highlights they are attributed to
  • edit, sort, and filter notes, highlights, and bookmarks
  • export notes, highlights, and bookmarks to Kindle clippings format files and tab separated values format files or user defined formats
  • drag and drop clippings to other applications
  • custom import and export patterns (screenshot)
  • compatible with Kindle Touch (any language)
In order to install Klippings on Linux you may download standalone executable made by drakulavich (link above) or download Klippings source files and make klippings.py executable with chmod +x klippings.py. You also need simplejson and PyQt4 to run the app in that case: sudo aptitude install pyqt4-dev-tools python-simplejson.

Klippings is provided 'as is' and in the public domain (except icons, see the About dialog box for details).

Places where you may ask questions about Klippings:
Klippings has got the second birth under the name DaleyKlippings (by Clayton Daley). Even if you've got all you need with Klippings I encourage you to visit Daley's site as it contains great Klippings tutorials and growing collection of import/export patterns. 

Also try other Kindle clippings viewers and managers reviewed by Thomass in his blog devoted to Kindle: kindlebilgideposu.wordpress.com (in Turkish).


- Feature: default custom import & export patterns
- Enhancement: added language settings (to allow edit clipping type and fix notes attachments to highlights 
for non-English languages)

- Bug fixed: did not work custom import procedures if the source path contains non-ASCII symbols.

- Mac OS X version (beta).
- Enhancements: added ability to remove rows and change their heights in the table; added ability to customize the way notes attached to highlights.
- Bug fixed: did not save custom export files if the destination path contains non-ASCII symbols.

- Feature: custom import and export patterns (3 examples of both import and export patterns are included).
- Bug fixed: did not import if the note has no location number, but has page number. The default import procedure takes location number if it exists and page number otherwise. An example of custom import procedure that takes both location and page number is provided.
- Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

- Bug fixed: did not import if the first entry in 'My Clippings.txt' is a 'Note'.
- Added for downloading an unpacked win32 executable to make the app start faster.

- Release.

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