Kindle Capable of Displaying Size 1 Bold Text

While reading a downloaded blog, which uses the standard Kindle fonts, I noticed something - one of the paragraphs was rendered in bold, size 1 text. This was extremely sharp and clear, so I broke out the microscope and took pictures of that text, and the same word in normal size 1 text. The difference is obvious.
This is great news for those who want clearer fonts on the Kindle 2. It means that all Amazon has to do is provide an option to render font in books as "bold", which is about as simple a change as possible!

 Normal, size 1 text

 Bold, size 1 text


 The 'K' is something of a worse case scenario for the font-smoothing on the Kindle 2. Notice that the entire top diagonal is missing any black pixels. The other characters do better, but are still spotty.

In the bolded text, the diagonal still isn't perfect, but overall, the text is vastly darker and easier to read on the screen.


 Additional examples of normally rendered text vs. bolded text.

The displayed characters appear very clear and nicely rendered on the Kindle 2 display.

    A normally rendered passage in size 1 text
    A bolded passage in size 1 text