Beta Test of Modified Kindle 2 Fonts

At last, someone has hacked the Kindle 2 to allow loading custom font replacements!!!
I am currently one of the early beta-testers of this software. It definitely isn't for the casual user as misuse of the software can lead to a non-functional Kindle :-(
However, as a proof-of-concept, it shows us the type of display that our K2's are capable of.

Important note:
There has been some discussion on the Amazon group about this posting. For the record, understand that I have no desire for others to attempt using the same patch, nor do I encourage any reverse engineering, disassembly, circumvention of copy protection or any other illegal or unethical activities. 

I am providing the images and information contained here to show that the Kindle 2 screen is capable of displaying small fonts extremely clearly. This issue is extremely important to Kindle 2 users. Unfortunately, the lack of alternative fonts has led to quite a few unsatisfied users, many of whom returned their units because they felt that there are unfixable problems with the Kindle 2. This demonstration proves that the Kindle 2 is indeed capable of an even better display!



 K2 original display showing some font samples.
 Notice anything different about this image of a book on the K2?
Click for a closer view...
Note that some definition was lost in saving. The actual screen looks better!
This is size 1 text. Even at this size, the text is quite clear if you've got good eyes!
I'm really happy about this. For the first time, I can comfortably read
text in size 1. This is really exciting as it makes the K2, for the first time
truly match the look of a full page book display.

 As viewed on the web browser, this is a simple page that displays fonts.
Notice that the K2 shows all fonts as Serif, even though the web page selects a sans-serif font.
 This is the same web page viewed with the new fonts. In this case, I set both sets of fonts to a sans-serif font so that I can read smaller fonts without the diminished contrast of the original fonts.

 This is a sample of a downloaded document, shown in the original font.This is the same document viewed with the Sans-serif font.
Note that the line spacing is considerably smaller so that more fits on the page.

Images are essentially raw, with just cropping and very slight contrast modification done to make the images appear essentially the same brightness.
Images were taken with a flash for illumination but they look very similar to this with the naked eye. Every effort has been made to avoid distorting the images in any manner.

Fonts used

Replacements for the default Serif fonts

Regular type: Franklin Gothic Medium
Bold type: Franklin Gothic Heavy
Italic type: Franklin Gothic Medium Italic
Bold Italic type: Franklin Gothic Heavy Italic

Replacements for the default Sans-Serif fonts

Regular: Franklin Gothic Demi
Bold: Franklin Gothic Heavy
Italic: Franklin Gothic Demi Italic
Bold Italic: Franklin Gothic Heavy Italic

I will probably switch to the Franklin Gothic Demo for the Serif Bold replacement as the Gothic Heavy is just too heavy. Perhaps I'd just get rid of the distinction between the Serif and Sans-serif fonts and use the same selection for both.