Kindle 2 Usage Pictures

Sitting in my favorite recliner, I took a variety of photos of how I regularly hold the Kindle 2. 
Note the position of my thumb, in the empty space between the keyboard and the screen. Lacking this space, I would either risk pushing keys or would smear the screen. As such, I see the dead space around the screen as an essential design feature.
A second way to hold the Kindle 2 - balancing it at its center of gravity. This is very comfortable and makes it feel lighter because it puts less of a strain on the wrist. Using the popular "palm hold" places much of the mass of the device above the hold point, increasing the forces on the hand and therefore the subjective weight of the device. 
You can also read without any hands, a feature I really like when "getting comfortable." Using the cover as a stand, simply rest the Kindle 2 on your bed or the arm of the chair for a relaxing read. 
The "lap read" is another common reading position. Again, note the position of my hand, supporting the Kindle 2 higher up than its intended design. Since my lap takes the main weight of the device, the hand is used mainly to support it at the desired angle.
Unfortunately, in this position, it takes more thumb motion than necessary to flip the page.
Finally, "the one handed grab". I rarely use this position except when my hand gets tired of holding it some other way. However, again note the necessity of the unused space around the screen.