Kindle 2 Enhancements


Keyboard Shortcuts

As noted elsewhere, rich keyboard shortcuts will greatly enhance the usability of the Kindle 2. I suggest adding the following specific key shortcuts:



Many of us use the Kindle in locations with Wi-Fi access, and while the EVDO connection is great, it's also really slow and it costs Amazon money to share the network. 

  • WiFi - It would take the Kindle to a new level if they provided Wi-Fi in the unit. With this capability, access to the web would be much faster, improving the utility of the Kindle. Access to the Amazon store would clearly be enhanced. This would also allow downloading audiobooks without connecting physically. In fact, this would eliminate the need for a hard wired connection for many of us. I'd be extremely surprised if Amazon didn't add this feature to their next revision of the unit.
  • Physical Radio Switch - While it's great to have a soft-switch for the radio, it would be even better to have a physical switch to turn the radio on/off. With a soft-switch, I often forget to turn off the radio, draining my battery. With a physical switch, preferably with a visual indicator (not a light, just a reveal of a green or red piece of plastic), one could totally optimize their use of the radio, greatly extending battery life.

Layout of Buttons

  • Navigation - As described on the other page, moving the buttons a bit would make the unit much more ergonomic. Simply moving the navigation buttons on the right side up a couple inches would make them accessible while the unit is held and balanced in a comfortable position, negating the need to shift the hand for many operations.
  • Keyboard - the keyboard should take the form of a more normal qwerty key arrangement, with keys staggered. This provides more space between keys as well as more ergonomic usage.