Superstar Schedule

Weeks in the School Year Superstar Birthday
September 3rd - September 6th Jet August 8th
September 9th - September 13th Gracie August 27th
September 16th - September 20th
September 23rd - September 27th Anthony September 22nd
September 30th - October 4th
October 8th - October 11th Millie July 28th
October 14th - October 18th
October 21st - October 25th

October 28th -November 1st Jeremy November 1st
November 4th - November 8th Chloee
November 3rd
November 12th - November 15th
November 18th - November 22nd Jasper November 21st
November 25th - November 26th Week of Thanksgiving  
December 2nd - December 6th
December 9th - December 13th
December 16th - December 20th Lawson January 4th
December 23rd -January 3rd Winter Break  
January 6th - January 10th
January 13th - January 17th Kyle January 16th
January 21st - January 24th
January 27th - January 31st Sophia January 27th
February 3rd - February 7th Mitchel February 9th
February 10th - February 14th Angelina February 15th
February 17th - February 21st February Break  
February 24th - February 27th

March 3rd - March 7th Joanne March 3rd
March 10th - March 14th Ms. Uthman March 9th
March 17th - March 21st
March 24th - March 28th Shayaan June 29th
March 31st - April 4th
April 7th - April 11th Spring Break  
April 14th - April 18th    
April 21st - April 25th Wells April 27th
April 28th - May 2nd
May 5th - May 9th May May 6th
May 12th - May 16th Diya May 9th
May 19th - May 23rd Sachin May 21st
May 27th - May 30th
June 2nd - June 6th Last Week of School

In kindergarten, each student has an opportunity to be a super star for a week. During each super star's special week:
  • Superstar creates an "About Me poster" and brings it in to share with the class.
  • The class creates a special birthday book for the superstar
  • The super star has extra special privileges in the classroom such as being line leader for the week, passes out papers, becomes Teacher assistant, and much more.

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