Extended Days


Extended Day list 2014-2015

We tried to meet everyone’s request, but it was not possible to do it for everyone. We looked at each students’ academic skills, social/emotional skills, who works well together, who does not work well together, friends, and special needs.

When extended day begins on Monday, Sept. 29, we ask that the 12:00 dismissal students are picked up promptly as we will be attending to two groups of kids to make sure everyone is where they need to be. We will not be able to have conversations with parents at dismissal because the first week will be a little hectic as always. We appreciate your understanding.

 On your students’ extended days please make sure your kindergartener has a lunch or money to purchase a lunch in the cafeteria. Please make sure drivers and other guardians are aware of dismissal at 2:10. We will bring students out to the kindergarten drop off area in front of the multi-purpose room. If there are any questions, please send us an email.

Group A will have extended days on Monday/Tuesday.

        1.    Aaron

        2.    Annie

        3.    Gray

        4.    Nicky

        5.    Ryan

        6.    Malavika

        7.    Melina

        8.    Sophia

        9.    Matthew

        10. Rohit

Group B will have extended days on Thursday/Friday.

        1.    Eli

        2.    Dawson

        3.    Alicia

        4.    Addison

        5.    Aditi

        6.    Ishaan

        7.    Tulsi

        8.    Kaitlyn

        9.    Arya