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Project Leader: Mardelle Sauerborn

SkypePlay - Through the Looking Glass     

Welcome to SkypePlay. We have had lots of fun, and are looking forward to another year of connecting and playing.   

Have you ever wanted kids to peek into another classroom? Have you ever wanted to hear them shout  "Hey! What are you doing?" 

"Through the Looking Glass"  is an opportunity for Alices everywhere to play. 
The purpose of this PlayProject is to play in real time with other children in other places.  Building on traditional Skype projects like MysterySkype and Skyping in experts,  this moves into giving children 1:1 or 2:2  peer to peer audience for their play that provides immediate interaction, collaboration, and conversation.   A Blog post here explains more.  

At this point I am not too fussed about sign-ups.  We may yet do that again,  but every year sees the project evolve.  Our goal has always been to have teachers connect with each other in ways that make sense for their students,  with whomever it makes sense to connect with.  While Skype is a great tool, many like to connect with twitter, googledocs, Padlet,  whatever works for you.  

The best place to connect is on twitter.  Find me @learningmurd,  and follow the #kinderchat  hashtags.  It is where you are most likely to find somebody just right for you. 

If you are new to it all,  you can check out our map with a  wack of teachers globally.  Browse, and then  it is on you to jump in and connect : )  If you want to add your name to the map, sign up here

More Information:  

My Favourite Video of SkypePlay  : )  

Social Learning Summit  Recording on SkypePlay  (30 min Blackboard Collaborate)

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