KinCleaner - A Tool to Quickly Cleanup Kindle Notices

KinCleaner is a free PC program to quickly delete automated document delivery and US public library email messages sent by Amazon to Kindle eReaders, and regarded by some as clutter.


After KinCleaner

To try KinCleaner for Windows versions prior to Windows 8, download from this link by clicking it:

To try KinCleaner for use with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, download from this link by clicking or tapping it:

Then, extract from the downloaded file, with an unzip program, these three files: 

-- ReadMe.txt, which you should, ideally, read first. 

-- Setup.exe, which you double-click to start the installation.

-- GNUV3.rtf, containing license text which may be of interest to any lawyers out there.

Then, try KinCleaner out.

How to Unzip:

Once you have on your PC's hard drive (the "C drive"), try right-clicking on it. Often you will find WinZip as an already installed choice. If so, choose it. If you do not see WinZip, or something that sounds similar, I recommend installing the free software found at This can create a context menu AKA right-click entry called "7-Zip" from which you can select the "Open archive" option.