KCC Fundraising - Project #128

Let's get ready to "RAISE THE ROOF"

Fundraising is already underway to replace the 35+ year old roof on the Curling Club.  The Board of Directors has taken this fundraising opportunity to look at the long-term needs of the club and included other infrastructure upgrades into the campaign.  This multi year project will see the replacement of the aging roof, and the replacement of the ice-plant with a more energy efficient (repairable) unit.  These infrastructure upgrades will ensure that this facility exists for youth from this and future generations to learn and grow through this great sport.  

How can you help? 

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What is project #128?

Project #128 is a partnership with the Sport Trust Fund of Ontario.  It is an opportunity for individuals or businesses to support infrastructure upgrades at the Kincardine Curling Club and receive a tax receipt for that support.  Monies raised through this fund, may only be used for the project described, so you can be assured that your gift is being used exactly as intended.  

The clubs goal of $200,000 before 2021 is achievable with your support.  Be a part of the curling legacy in Kincardine. 

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Project #128 - Kincardine Curling Club 

PROJECT NAME - Kincardine Curling Club Infrastructure Upgrades

Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to upgrade and replace aging and deteriorating equipment and facilities of the Kincardine Curling Club.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be used for the following cause(s):s

Proceeds raised by this fundraising will go towards replacement of the curling club roof and replacement of the curling club ice plant.

Fundraising Start Date:  2/9/2019
Fundraising End Date:    12/31/2023

How this project will assist in promoting or developing amateur sport on a national level.

This project will assist in promoting and developing sport as it ensures that the opportunity to curl is available to residents of Kincardine and area for generations to come. We offer leagues for all age groups and skill levels in our community, including a junior program and Learn to Curl opportunities.

Kincardine CC Fund Admin: 

Fund Administrator:  Jen White
Organizational Title: Club Fund Administrator

Projected amount of money to be raised: $200,000

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Kincardine Curling Club Infrastructure Upgrades