sau's research papers

Published Articles 

"A Non-Differentiable Approach to Revenue Equivalence" (joint with Wojciech Olszewski), Theoretical Economics, 2(4), 469-487 (2007)

"Foundations of Dominant Strategy Mechanisms" (joint with Jeffrey Ely), Review of Economic Studies, 74(2), 447-476, 2007

"Implementation with Near-Complete Information" (joint with Jeffrey Ely), Econometrica, 71(3), 857-871, 2003

"On the Existence of Stable Roommate Matchings", Games and Economic Behvior, 33(2), 206-230, 2000

"Role Models and Arguments for Affirmative Action", American Economic Review, 90(3), 640-648, 2000

"A Note on Matsushima's Regularity Condition", Journal of Economic Theory, 87(2), 429-433, 1999


 Working Papers

"Affirmative Action as an Implementation Problem

"Object-Based Unawareness: Axioms" (joint with Oliver Board)

"Object-Based Unawareness: Theory and Applications" (joint with Oliver Board)

"Two Models of Unawareness: Comparing the Object-Based and the Subjective-State-Space Approaches" (joint with Oliver Board and Burkhard Schipper)

"Loopholes" (joint with Lance Fortnow)

"Efficient and Dominance Solvable Auctions with Interdependent Valuations" (joint with Jeffrey Ely), under revision for Games and Economic Behavior

"Ex Post Incentive Compatible Mechanism Design" (joint with Jeffrey Ely), under revision for Review of Economic Dynamics

"Signalling with Career Concerns" (joint with Peter Eso)

"Auction Design with Tacit Collusion" (joint with Atila Abdulkadiroglu)

"Mechanism Design with Budget Constraint" (joint with Jeffrey Ely)