* The only advice you'll ever need *

Circa 2001--Under Bush's Administration women are only useful and exist for the sacred act of marriage under Christian doctrine if they are white, heterosexual and in skirts….and the only reason they open their mouths isn't to speak.  


July 18, 2001--Judge a bureaucracy by the amount of paper they hand you when you walk in the door and the amount they have available.   


August 21, 2001--Sometimes the silence is the best advice you'll ever get…then again, didn't your mother always tell you to wash your hands  


September 17, 2001--It’s one thing to be psycho, but it's another to by PSYCHO.

October 19, 2001--"You gotta get pissed at shit, 'cause shit ain't right."


October 7, 2002--What do you want to do?  I want to take a dump.   


Circa 2001--You can f*@! it up but you can't get it pregnant--Kimism on birth control


Circa 2001--Ask me what feminism is again and this is what you'll get… Feminism* is a survival method learned by smart women and men to make it through the patriarchal hegemonic bullsh#*@ that this wold insists on thriving on. 


January 13, 2003--The cowboy is just the pirate of the land.


April 14, 2004--I am so sick of people who “have” dictating what others “have not”.


June 30, 2005--I never knew growing up and being an adult could be so disappointing. 


February 27, 2007--"The day i stop disagreeing with things going on in the world is the day i leave this world." 


November 9, 2007--"I'm serious--selective alcoholism is the way to go.  It's a coping mechanism.  And I'm damn proud of it."


November 15, 2007--"If you want to comply with the law, sure we'll settle it.  Otherwise, shut the fuck up."

  • January 1, 2008--"There's nothing more annoying than a bunch of upperclass white people thinking they know a little something about the blues."

  • August 19, 2008
  • "Weight Watchers is a systematic way of trying to make you feel not good enough.  So if someone wants to pay for that, then I just suggest they try alcoholism or drugs--at least you'll get better stories out of those two."