1. Use your inside voice.


2. Quietly wait your turn.

3. Raise your hand for help.

4. Use the computer correctly.

5. No food or drink in the Learning Center.

6. No goofing off.

7. Stay in your seat and on task.

8. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

 Good citizenship is a must in the learning center as we will be working with and around electronic equipment.  Each class will be involved in a Citizenship Race.  If a class has follwed the Learning Center rules, stayed on task, and put forth an effort on the lesson , they will be given a tally.  When the class has earned a total of 10 tally marks they will be able to have a game day on the computer.  This is a cooperative group effort so the entire class has to follow the rules.  Those students who are continuously disruptive will be given a referral and removed from their computer for the day.  I will contact you if your child is having a difficult time following the rules.