Personal Details

Date of Birth:  07.20.1993              

Nationality:  Republic of Korea                  

Country of residence:   Republic of Korea

Telephone: (+82)10-9592-0720                   




Mar 2012 – Dec 2015  Under Graduate


UNIST-gil 50, Ulsan 689-798, Republic of Korea.

                                   GPA score 3.70        





Mar 2014 – Present, 

Undergraduate Intern, Advanced Information System LaboratoryUNIST

    - Learnt basic concept of wireless communications 

    - Simulated the performance of repetition codes (white paper)

Teaching Experiences

Feb 2014     

  Science Giftedness Mentoring


                                      Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

                                    Science  mentoring for middle school students

Feb 2013, Feb2012

        UNIST Prep Mentoring 

                                       Mentor, Mentee


                                        Preclass and mentoring for freshmen 


Mar 2014 – Jun 2014     Leadrship Program 'Local culture tour'

                                         Group leader 

                                         Ulsan, Korea

                                         Randomly UNIST students participated group per 15 persons

Union and Club activity

May 2014 –    J.Gym

                                         Club member

                                       UNIST club

                                     Health traing club

Aug 2012 – Feb 2012   Enactus Korea (SIFE)

                                         Club member

                                          UNIST club

                                           Social Enterprise of Student for needs

Feb 2012 – Dec 2012    The second UNIST sudent union 'Eeoulim'

                                         Member of Cultural Welfare 


                                        Event planning, Process, and Report

Other Activities

Jul 2012     Donga Cross the country


                                      Republic of Korea

                                    To walk across Korea from Yeosu to Seoul, 580.6Km