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Father still searching for his daughter after nearly 24 years
JAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- "It was a beautiful day, and that was the last time I saw her." 

Dick Moreau clearly recalls the last time he saw his 17 year old daughter Kimberly Ann.  It was May 9th, 1986.

"Last time I saw her was the morning she disappeared right here," said Moreau, sitting at the kitchen table in his home where his three daughters grew up.  "She was all happy.  She had got the new sneakers she wanted, that I had said, 'no, you are not getting' but mamma says, 'yeah, you are getting them,' and she had those and she was happy."

He and his wife had to work late that night.  When they got home about quarter to two in the morning, they knew something was wrong.

"She wasn't here," recalled Moreau.  "That threw up a red flag immediately."

They notified local police when she had not returned by about 5am.  Police told them they could not report her missing until 48 hours had passed, so Dick and his wife waited while they panicked.

"It comes down to a point where you get a feeling of such hopelessness," admitted Moreau.  Friends and family conducted searches for her, but they were unorganized.  Dick says if they had found her it would have been by luck.

State Police got involved in the case in August, but by then four months had passed.  "I have talked to many families that have gone through this," he said.  "They have got the same kind of treatment and that is probably the biggest, most frustrating part of the whole thing."

Moreau says the story of what happened that night has changed over the years as different people have come forward and more has been learned.  He says the story they were given by the people who were with her last has wavered. 

According to Moreau, the man who was with her last says he dropped her off in town to walk home because Kim was distraught over a fight she had with her boyfriend.  He says that can't be the case for two reasons.

"Number one, it is 38 degrees out and she only has a short-sleeved blouse on and number two, she is afraid of the dark," stated an agitated Moreau.  He says she was so afraid of the dark that she would call from the neighbors house to make sure the lights were on and someone was around before she would come home at night.

He believes whatever happened to Kim that night was not meant to be and that Kim never would have run away from home.  "Whatever happened, I honestly, in my heart, I can honestly say was not meant to happen."  He speculates there may have been a fight or someone tried to force drugs or sex upon his daughter and she retaliated.

No matter what happened to Kim, Dick Moreau says he only wants one thing.  "All I'm looking for is to just bring her home.  The hardest part is not having her here and feeling that, at times, honestly feeling that I have let down my family by not being able to bring her home." 

Anyone with information is asked to call Maine State Police at 1-800-228-0857