Tribute to Memere

                                           Memere (Irene Moreau) Oct. 14, 1914 to Sept 4, 2004                                                   

This is my Grandmother Irene Moreau. I call her “Memere”. I grew up living beside Memere and Pepere. Any time I wanted to visit was convenient because all I had to do was walk through the path in the garden. I have some very fond memories that I want to share with you about my grandparents…….

Every year at Christmas time we always celebrated with a family gathering. The house would be filled with laughter, delicious foods everywhere, but best of all our loved ones and PRESENTS! What kid doesn’t love presents? We gathered around the twinkling tree and Pepere would say we needed to start singing X-mas carols to get Santa here. Soon we would start to sing for that much anticipated sound that we would hear. Sleigh bells! We would squirm with desire waiting to hear the footsteps in the room overhead and then we would see it. Santa’s boot! Down the stairs he would come and had his green sack full of presents.

Well as the years went by and many more holidays came and went we began to grow older and what we thought was wiser. I got to that age where I could figure out who Santa was by determining who was not in the room. I knew that it was Pepere behind that red suit and big white beard because Pepere forgot to take off the one item that we all knew were his. His slippers. Pepere always had his slippers on at home.

Another year passed and this X-mas was different. We were gathered in the Memere and Pepere’s but all of a sudden Santa has arrived. He came in the front door and I start to look around the room. Everyone is there and no one is missing. Maybe Santa has really come this year. Ho Ho Ho. This gave me another year to believe Santa came to celebrate and wish us all a Merry Christmas.

There are so many more stories that I could tell but I want to tell you about my favorites. As I said in the beginning all I had to do is walk through a path to Memere’s house. Well through this wonderful path were the most delicious berries. Strawberries, big juicy and they just seemed to call to me. Karen and Kim would wait until we saw the car back out of the driveway and turn the corner. Off we would run towards the patch and our mouths would be ready to bite into the sweet fruit. As we gobbled down as many as we could our little faces became colored pink as well as our hands. Oh oh. We have been busted. Just pulling into the driveway in their Volkswagen car were Memere and Pepere. We would act as if nothing had happened, we were just playing. Well one look at us and they knew our bellies were full and we had raided the patch.

Memere has always been there for me. Whenever I am bored I could count on Memere to be home and to always have the time to entertain me. This is where I learn to play most games and pass many hours. Yahtzee is one of our favorites. Pepere would shake the dice and call out “Baby needs a new pair of shoes”. The next time he would cover the dice in his hand and tell me to blow on the dice. As they rolled he would get excited and score his points. We made a good team.

In June of 1987 Pepere got ill and passed away. He and Memere were married for 49 wonderful years. Memere now is living in the nursing home in Farmington and has been diagnosed with cancer. Please do not let another family pass through life not knowing where Kim is. Kim needs to be buried with her Mother (Patricia Moreau who died of cancer in 1988) and her Pepere. All you need to do is send an anonymous letter with a detailed map describing where to find her remains. Please help!

Send to:

Karen Dalot (Kim’s sister)

3 Knoll Circle

Jay, ME 04239