Living in the Presence

To those of you that made a pack

I beg of you to give my family their lives back.

You each live in your own private Hell

By making the choice not to tell.

You do not hear my family’s plea

All they wish is to find me.

 Maybe you thought out of sight out of mind

She will be difficult to find.

But there I am my face you see

Throughout the streets and roads around

Here and in surrounding towns.

You may drive by me and block it out

But sometimes do you hear me shout?

 You were my friends how could this be

Who ever thought you’d bring the end to me.

 We all know you didn’t mean to do it

So tell the truth there’s nothing to it.

My family is not looking for your hides

Only for you to be their guides.

To lead them in the right direction

It can be anonymous for your own protection.

 I want to come home it’s been long enough

Please stop making this so tough.

 I forgave you long ago

Now forgive yourselves for what you have done

So that you can come out of the darkness and into

The SUN.


                                                                        Kim Moreau


                                                                                           Channeled through Kathy