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EDITOR’S NOTE: Following are brief profiles of 30 of Maine’s missing people and the circumstances surrounding each disappearance. Photographs and vital statistics at the time they went missing are included where available. Those featured here were selected because missing persons records were available as a matter of public record or from organizations devoted to locating missing people.


Jeremy Ted Alex

Missing since: 2004 from Northport
Age: 28
Height and weight: 5’6” 155
Hair: Brown-red
Eyes: Brown
Race: White
Clothing: Last seen wearing olive “Timberland” sweat shirt, blue jeans, athletic shoes, carrying a red backpack.
Other: Family offering $20,000 reward, developed a Web site,
Contact: State police, Shamshak Investigative Services Inc.

Classified endangered missing because he was acting erratic and paranoid before he disappeared, Alex last was seen running down Pond Hill Road in Northport by a woman who called police. Alex ran into the woods before police could arrive. His van, with his keys and cell phone inside, was found abandoned in a small parking area off Pond Hill Road in Northport. Despite an ongoing and extensive investigation, including searches with police dogs, he remains missing.

Shirley Moon Atwood

Missing since: 2006 from Pittsfield-Canaan area
Age: 35
Height and weight: 5’2” 104
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Race: White
Contact: State police

Atwood was reported missing on July 15, 2006, and her vehicle was found abandoned shortly afterward. Foul play is suspected. When she disappeared, Atwood was estranged from her husband, Shannon Roy Atwood, and had moved out of their home in Canaan, where he was still living with another woman, Cheryl Murdoch, who also went missing and whose body was found in a wooded area in Canaan on Aug. 11, 2006. Shannon Atwood was convicted of Murdoch’s murder in a bench trial and in February of this year was sentenced to 55 years.

Ludger Belanger

Missing since: Nov. 25, 1975, from Washington
Contact: State police

Belanger was dropped off on Route 105 in Washington by his brother and wife to go hunting. He had a .30-30 hunting rifle with him. He told his wife he would be home in one hour. An investigation revealed Belanger had shot his deer, dragged it to the road and was picked up by someone in a vehicle.

Joseph Bichrest

Missing since: 1976 from Greenville
Contact: State police

Formerly of Pennsylvania, Bichrest was an attorney living in Greenville when he and the Jeep he was driving disappeared. A state police investigation showed that a credit card in his name was used in Philadelphia two days after he went missing. Anonymous reports suggest he was killed and that he and the Jeep are in a quarry in the Greenville area. Police have searched several quarries over the years.

George Boardman

Missing since: 2000 from Bingham
Age: 70
Height and weight: 5’6” 150-170
Hair: Grayish brown
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Other: Family has offered reward of $10,000.
Contact: State police

Boardman was living in Bingham when he went missing. His roommates last saw him on Oct. 5, 2000, a month before his 1990 brown Honda Accord was located behind the Searsmont municipal parking lot. Police have pursued many leads over the years with no resolution.
Douglas Charles Chapman

Missing since: June 2, 1971, from Alfred
Age: 3
Height and weight: 3’0” 35
Hair: Sandy
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Clothing: Red and blue plaid shirt, blue pants, loafers.
Other: Mole on right shoulder.
Contact: State police

Chapman was last seen playing by a sand pile 25 yards in front of his home. When he went missing, his mother was on the phone and his father was at work. No sign of a struggle or significant evidence was found. The area around his home was described as wooded and swampy. Police tracking dogs traced the toddler’s scent through a field, past an apple orchard and onto a farm, then down a driveway and to the main road. His father believes he was placed in a vehicle at that location. Though the investigation was reopened in 1993 at the request of Chapman’s father, the case remains unsolved.

Siphat Chau

Missing since: 2005 from Portland
Age: 19
Height and weight: 5’8” 140
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Asian (Vietnamese)
Clothing: Red sweat shirt, blue jeans, possibly a black coat and beanie hat.
Contact: Portland Police Department

Chau was last seen on Dec. 24, 2005, while visiting his family for the holidays. He went to sleep on his parents’ couch about 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve and when his family awoke, he was no longer there. He left his wallet, car and keys behind. Chau had been an honors student at Portland High School and had enrolled in the business program at the University of Maine on a partial scholarship but had not registered for spring classes before he vanished.

William Garlickand John Joyce

Missing since: 1982 from Bangor/Alton
Ages: 27 and 33, respectively
Contact: State police

Garlick and Joyce left Worcester, Mass., in a black 1980 Corvette on Sept. 13, 1982, en route to Alton to collect a $22,000 debt. The car was found in a Bangor Mall parking lot the next day with the ignition and the interior torn apart. Garlick’s wallet was found on the seat.

Roderick Hotham

Missing since: 1992 from Veazie
Age: 38
Contact: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Considered a fugitive from justice by many, Hotham vanished from the Stucco Lodge in Veazie in September 1992. At the time of his disappearance, the certified public accountant was accused of defrauding five federally insured financial institutions of about $4 million through false representation and promises.

Bonnie K. Ledford

Missing since: 1980 from Dedham
Age: 19
Contact: State police

Ledford and her husband moved to Maine from Michigan in 1979 and were estranged when she disappeared the next year. Human remains were discovered in 2001 near the Ledfords’ former residence. Artifacts found in the area of these remains strongly suggest the remains are that of Bonnie Ledford. State police are seeking familial DNA for confirmation.

Jesse O. Hoover

Missing since: 1983 from Millinocket area
Age: 54
Height and weight: 5’ 10” 240
Clothing: Blue jeans, blue shirt, blue windbreaker, blue knapsack.
Other: Epileptic
Investigating agency: State police

Hoover, who had traveled to Maine from Texas to hike the Appalachian Trail, last was seen May 20, 1983, at the Baxter State Park headquarters. She was reported missing by her sister on July 11, 1983.

Kay Myers Johnson

Missing since: 1986 from Monson
Age: 80
Other: Poor eyesight, difficulty walking.
Contact: State police

Johnson went missing from her home on Aug. 23 or 24, 1986. Attempts to find her by the Maine Warden Service were unsuccessful.

Philip Letarte

Missing since: 1986 from Woodland
Age: 65
Other: Dementia
Contact: State police

Letarte left a home on Tibbetts Road in Woodland about 3 p.m. June 2, 1986, after saying he was going to an Exxon station in nearby New Sweden to buy cigarettes. A man fitting Letarte’s description was seen standing on Colby Road the next day.

Judd Miller and Michael Percy

Missing since: 1975 from Tenants Harbor
Ages: 21 and 22, respectively
Contact: Knox County Sheriff’s Office

Business partners Miller and Percy were returning to Tenants Harbor with a lobster boat Miller had just bought in Stockton Springs when they last were seen on May 1, 1975. Their parents suspect the boat overheated because its hatch cover was off when it was found the next day anchored in the bay. Though the skiff was found upside down the next day in Belfast, no bodies were found. Hypothermia is suspected because the water temperate was 40 degrees. The Coast Guard eventually issued a report concluding the two had died.

Kimberly Moreau

Missing since: 1986 from Jay
Age: 17
Height and weight: 5’7” 135
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Clothing: White blouse, blue jeans, white high-top sneakers.
Other: Surgical scar on back, wearing men’s class ring engraved “Mike 87” and “Mike Staples.”
Contact: State police

Moreau last was seen in Jay leaving about midnight on May 10, 1986, in the company of an unknown individual she met earlier that day who was driving a late-model white Trans-Am. Despite extensive searches, she has not been found and police suspect she was a victim of foul play.

Cathy Marie Moulton

Missing since: 1971 from Portland
Age: 16
Height and weight: 5’4” 98
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Other: Thick eyeglasses, four eyeteeth removed, braces.
Contact: Portland Police Department

Moulton planned to attend a YWCA dance the night of Sept. 24, 1971, just before she vanished. Earlier in the day, she asked her father to drop her off on Cumberland Avenue so she could do some shopping. Published reports state she was carrying a brown leather Mexican clutch purse holding her house key, two tubes of toothpaste and a very small amount of cash. Authorities say she may have been with people from Smyrna and that witnesses reported sightings in several northern Maine communities, including Mars Hill and Presque Isle, as well as Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, after she was reported missing. In 1983, a hunter said he came across a skeleton surrounded by female clothing in the woods near Smyrna. Some investigators believe the remains belonged to Moulton. The hunter was unable to retrace his footsteps and lead police back to the site, however, and the bones were not found.

Frances Moulton

Missing since: 2006 from Lebanon
Age: 27
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: White
Other: 1-inch scar on chin, teardrop tattoo on right ankle.
Contact: Sanford Police Department, state police

Last seen getting on the back of a motorcycle in July 2006, Moulton was reported missing in September of that year, after her family had not heard from her in an unusually long time. Moulton’s whereabouts have been the focus of an 18-month investigation by Sanford and state police. On Tuesday, investigators found human remains believed to be those of Moulton in a well near a home in Lebanon. The remains were taken to the Office of the State Medical Examiner in Augusta for positive identification, a process expected to take several days.

Kurt Ronald Newton

Missing since: 1975 from Chain of Ponds Township, near Coburn Gore
Age: 4
Height and weight: 3’8” 45
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Clothing: Navy blue jacket, blue sweat shirt, multicolored corduroy pants, mismatched socks, brown shoes.
Contact: State police

Newton was camping with his family at the Nantis Campground in Chain of Ponds when he went missing on Sept. 1, 1975. He was last seen riding his Big Wheel near the family’s campsite before he wandered off and disappeared.

Miguel A. Oliveras

Missing since: 2006 from Portland
Age: 24
Height and weight: 5’11” 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Hispanic
Clothing: Last seen wearing dark-green cargo shorts, gray-and-white camouflage shirt over long-sleeved white shirt.

Other: Tattoos on back of neck, left arm, back, right hand.
Contact: Portland Police Department, Shamshak Investigative Services Inc.

Oliveras last was seen on Sept. 2, 2006, at the Platinum Plus strip club in Portland. A resident of the Hyde Park section of Boston, he traveled to Maine two days before by bus to visit an ex-girlfriend who worked there as a dancer. He was scheduled to return that day to the home he shared with his mother and younger brother. Just before he went missing, he was seen in the club’s parking lot with an unidentified man. He is considered a victim of foul play.

Virginia Pictou-Noyes

Missing since: 1993 from Houlton
Age: 26
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: American Indian
Contact: State police

Hours before she went missing on April 27, 1993, Pictou-Noyes, her husband, Larry Noyes, and two other people went to a Bangor bar, where police say all four became extremely intoxicated. Police say Larry Noyes was arrested that night on a charge of domestic assault and that Pictou-Noyes was taken to a Bangor hospital. After repeatedly telling police she needed to get home to her five children, she left the hospital before her checkup was completed. Police are “reasonably sure” she got a ride to a truck stop in Houlton as witnesses say they saw her using the telephone. She last was seen walking north through the truck stop’s parking lot.

Leonard Price

Missing since: 1983 from Eddington
Age: 23
Contact: State police

Price was reported missing from his home on Route 9 in Eddington on April 14, 1983. He was considered a danger to himself when he disappeared.

Pauline Rourke

Missing since: 1976 from Fairfield
Contact: State police

Reported missing on Dec. 15, 1976, Rourke is considered a victim of foul play. At the time of her disappearance, Rourke was living in a mobile home with Albert P. Cochran. Rourke was last seen by her daughter, who reported overhearing her mother and Cochran arguing the night before she disappeared. Rourke was scheduled to be interviewed by state police in connection with the Janet Baxter murder as a possible witness against Cochran, who was convicted of Baxter’s murder in 1998 but who denies any knowledge of Rourke’s disappearance.

Bernard ‘Bunny’ Ross Jr.

Missing since: 1977 from Ashland-Portage area
Age: 19
Height and weight: 6’1” 160
Hair: Dirty blond
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Other: Despondent at time of disappearance.
Contact: State police

A Fort Kent resident, Ross initially was considered a suspect in a Presque Isle truck theft. Though the vehicle was found and the charges dropped, Ross was not found and was reported missing by his family. Ross last was seen on May 12 in a wooded area off Reality Road near the Ashland-Portage town line. Numerous attempts to find him have turned up no clues.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Springer

Missing since: 2008 from Belmont
Age: 69
Height and weight: 6’ 190
Hair: Brown, graying
Eyes: Brown
Race: White
Clothing: Possibly tan pants, sneakers and light-blue jacket.

Other: Alzheimer’s disease, possibly wearing wire rim glasses, surgical scar and metal plate in lower leg from fracture, surgical scars on abdomen, dental plate.
Contact: State police

Classified as endangered missing, Springer is believed to have left his home on foot between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. May 2, 2008. He may have been seen walking in the area of the 39 block of Halls Corner Road in Belmont about the time he disappeared. Despite extensive air and ground searches in Maine and inquiries outside the state, the former long-distance truck driver remains missing.

Margaret Tevanian

Missing since: 1996 from Portland
Age: 65
Height and weight: 5’3” 110
Hair: Gray, shoulder-length
Eyes: Brown
Race: White
Clothing: Pajamas, robe, blue kerchief.
Contact: Portland Police Department

Tevanian last was seen in Portland, where she slipped out of her home sometime during the early morning hours of St. Patrick’s Day 1996 in her pajamas and robe, carrying only a paper bag holding her toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.

Angel Antonio Torres

Missing since: 1999 from Saco-Biddeford-Old Orchard Beach area
Age: 21
Height and weight: 5’8” 150
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Black
Other: Also known as “Tony”
Contact: State police

Torres was reported missing by his family in Biddeford on May 24, 1999. At the time of his disappearance, Torres was enrolled at a Massachusetts college but had taken a bus to southern Maine to visit friends. Police suspect he was the victim of foul play.

Starlette Vining

Missing since: 1998 from Presque Isle
Age: 39
Contact: State police

State police were notified in late 2006 that Starlette Vining, who last resided in Presque Isle, might be a missing person. An investigation showed Vining had showed up for work at Smythe’s IGA in Presque Isle in October 1998. She was described as a dependable employee who just stopped coming to work, not even to pick up her last paycheck. Her ex-husband and three children, now adults, last saw her in 1998 as well. Vining has had a history of moving but has never been out touch with her family for more than a few years at a time.

Kitty I. Wardwell

Missing since: 1983 from New Hampshire and Maine
Age: 29
Height and weight: 5’7” 120
Hair: Brown, shoulder length
Eyes: Brown
Race: White
Contact: State police

Wardwell last was seen by her “on-again, off-again boyfriend” on June 6, 1983. She was reported missing by a close friend on July 11 of that year. The friend told Salem, N.H., police that he dropped Wardwell off at a Salem motel after a fight and returned to Maine without her. On Nov. 23 of that year, Wardwell’s sister reported her missing to Maine State Police, who believe Wardwell is a victim of foul play.