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Concern over mosquitoes

Mosquito bites could increase if Ireland experiences further heatwaves it was claimed. Fine Gael TD and MEP Gay Mitchell said he knew a schoolgirl in the seaside suburb Clontarf  who received five bites during the June Bank Holiday weekend. Mr Mitchell raised the issue with the health minister in a written Dail question. He said temperatures reached up to 25 C in parts of Ireland during the two-week sunny spell in early June.


I did not think this article was interesting enough when it was published, but now Irish people making a lot of fuss about it so it obviously is now!! Here goes:

Foreigners are harder workers than the Irish

- by Kieran McDaid -

Foreign workers are more productive than their Irish counterparts, office managers claimed yesterday.  A new survey found three-quarters of Human Resource executives feel the influx of immigrant staff is positive, while more than 50 per cent said they were more productive. One of the major reasons for the increase in foreign workers was the lack of applications from Irish jobseekers. And, the survey showed, a third of HR managers said foreign workers were more reliable and enthousiastic. The survey covered a wide range of companies including service and manufacturing firms. Gerard O'Neill, chief executive of Amarach Consulting, which carried out the poll, said only 16 per cent of respondents who had hired foreign workers had done so becasue they were cheaper than Irish workers. 'This might make people think twice about using pejorative phrases like 'race to the bottom' when they talk about non-nationals in the workforce', he told a conference in Dublin. Some 57 per cent of all HR managers said they intended to employ more foreign nationals in the next year. A small majority favour more liberal work permit laws, while just under half believe that nationals of countries such as Romania and Bulgaria should enjoy the same freedom to work in Ireland when they joun the EU in 2007. The Amarach survey also revealed that between 1986 and 1991, just over 13 per cent of non-nationals in the workforce came from EU countries other than Ireland. Now it is almost 28 per cent. The proportion of British workers here has more than halved to 25 per cent, while those from the USA has fallen to less than nine per cent.

Duck Race for charity                      3 June 2006

There was a yellow rubber Duckrace with 150000 duckies to raise funds for Our Lady's Childrens Hospital in Crumlin on the Liffey today. The plan was to drop them into the Liffey from a pontoon under the Millennium Bridge, and for the duckies to arrive at the finish line at the Sean O'Casey bridge. Only the currents were going the other way, so waterhoses were needed to guide the duckies into the right direction.

Jesus had enough...

Computervirus                         7 June 2006


Dublins beaches                      10 May 2006

Raw sewage is forcing some of Dublin's bestknown beaches out of business, as six of the once pristine strands have failed water quality tests. Many of the capital's most popular bathing areas will not receive a coveted Blue Flag this year as alarming levels of faecal coliforms and streptococci were found in the water.

Sewage is being discharged untreated off the nose of Howth Head, and this has led to the contamination of swimming water at Sutton Burrow Beach. Raw sewage from bad connections in the Rock Road area of Mount Merrion is also getting into the Elm Park Stream flowing into the bay and contaminating Sandymount and Merrion strands.

The figures in the Environmental Protection Agency report on bathing water quality released yesterday questioned the effectiveness of the 300 million Euro sewage treatment plant at Ringsend.