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Kim Kardashian West has recently won an award for always undressing on her social media accounts. It's amazing
that she is getting this kind of high recognition for just showing off her curvy body, but that's what the people want
to see! She literally gets thousands of 'likes' each time she posts a picture of herself, and thousands of dollars with each one. She has also continuously 'broken' the internet many times with tweets and Instagrams of herself. Did you ever read about her twitter post that went viral?! It was a feast for the eyes! There is no denying this California hot mama knows how to rake in the cash.

Some critics hate on Kardashian because of the way she makes money by showing off her body, but others like
Amber Rose and Emily Rata believe Kim is an inspiration to all women out there. They believe that Kim is aiding
women all over the globe to not be ashamed of their bodies. The bodacious reality TV star doesn't exactly say she is
'feminist', but she does advocate women independence and being your own 'girl boss' - that's why Lena Dunham
(from the hit show 'Girls') also loves the self-proclaimed selfie queen.

If you didn't know, Kim got her first taste of fame when she released a tape she made with Ray J back in 2008. The haters believe that this is the only reason she is now worth millions - they are wrong. Kim may have been offered the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' series on E! because of the video, but she has grown her fortune through other methods. She only made about 5 million from Vivid Entertainment when they bought the film and since then she has made the other 80 million on her own.

Kim married Kanye a few years ago and together the celebrity couple have two adorable kids (North and Saint). Kanye is worth around $145 million dollars and it shows especially when he buys his queen ostentatious gifts - Kim's 20 carat ring is worth 2 million dollars! They definitely live a posh lifestyle of the rich.

The Kim Kardashian Tape Legacy

Kim was really not much of a household name before her sex tape was "leaked" online by Vivid.  Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson were the first two well known people to have sex tapes hit the Internet, but Kim was different.  She was pretty unknown, other than her last name -- and she was attractive.  Men wanted to see her naked.  It turns out, Ray J, the sex tape partner, was actually more well known than Kim!  Ray J is the brother of famous singer Brandy, and he is a "rap artist" himself.  Apparently the sex tape was made in 2007 while on vacation in Florida, and Vivid saw the potential... Kim was offered a seven figure sum to allow for release of "Kim K Superstar" -- and a real star was born.  Kim Kardashian is now worth over 85 million dollars, and married to well known rap artist (for real this time) Kanye West.  Pretty amazing rise, isn't it?

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