Your Cross,The Point Where Soul and Matter Combine as One

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As I meditate on what the soul’s unfolding journey shares from inside; an understanding of the symbol of the cross becomes clear. A process shared from remembering the original creation’s purpose of symmetry. A sharing of what our mind’s eye is all about, what crystals, such as ones in the shape of our skull facilitate, how to peel away our layers and finding our own energy. Each molecular cell code recognizes the vibration of the spirit’s soul which allows the perfect match for melding. This compilation of essays of soulful mediations clicks on the minds connective internal web of circuitry, as it is lovingly guided in remembering ourselves from elevated realms of our own divinity.

 Quero Journey
Synopsis for, Your Cross, The Point Where Soul and Matter Combine as One.


This is a fiction novel, a labor of love if you will, to combine all that we know from our spiritual soul to our facilitated symbols, material molecular structure, to what creates our cross. For the symbol of our cross is really the point where matter and soul combine as one. In this writing I try to use facilitated symbols of the cross and crystals, especially those shaped as our very skull to bring home the realization that while here in the body we are still really of a soul being, thus protected by spirit. Also, again, reminding everyone of the Mayan code of 12/21/2012, plus a few others that were included to explain differences in the Gregorian calendar vs. Mayan calendar. The use of crystals and the symbols of long ago, help us to know and remember. To this our sacred cross represents the meeting place of spirit and matter, female and male, the point of creation on all planes. This is our hallway to all levels of reality. The use of crystals, especially the ones shaped like our skulls, are more than a vision, but a superior molecular structure used to transport and house knowledge of old, as well as what can be programmed today. Won’t you come now and take this journey to discover what your heart may have very well have been yearning for.


Here is a short summary of each chapter to quickly give recognition to the main points, also to paint a picture of our story told here. Chapter one talks of correlating the atom to our soul structure, for here we find our point which opens a pathway in realizing our soul of selves. This will happen in an instant, a moment in time if you will, when all our core of selves becomes prevalent so that a pathway to all our realities suddenly know that time is but an illusion. Chapter two speaks of a place that resonates, a recording in our “minds eye” to review the soul. This is really our “holy cross” where the point of soul and matter reveal our true selves. For there, is our mind’s eye vision. Once this point is rediscovered, the clutter, chatter, illusions will be no more. Chapter three speaks of those who literally reside “high in the sky”, like astronauts, those of Tibet, and such. Does this give them superior strength to realize their holy cross? The ancient crystal skulls, did they also model a superior flow of knowledge, which we can each readily know? Chapter four is speaking of matter’s structure, does it retain knowledge in its molecular dust left on our ground? Can we raise it again; re-tap into its knowledge, like the crystal skulls of old. What role does matter really play in the retention of old? Chapter five, Color, now this illusion asks, if color really symbolize a similarity of soul structure to that which is matter, in that it elevates and moves molecular pictorials in all plains, then is color really responsible for that which we really do see? Chapter six, sleep within is the soundness of your bones regarding both night and day. For here in the mind we see clearly with our angels that for which we really did perceive. Be it soundness of sleep or awaking of your mind in the activity of day, these special guides of your mind’s eye are truly divine. Chapter seven, the ride is really our ability to take that which we master of the arts and such, reacting a transcending connection of spirit, which this divine state can leave for our children of a later time. Now that is what really cushions this earth’s ride. Chapter eight, Dialogue of Mind, is the introduction of our crystal skulls as a model of how our minds could really work if all parts were ignited vs. the ten percent presently used.  Here our real story begins with a pebble being dropped into the sea of life, thus asking the question, how far will your waves grow in your expanded time of incarnations which has now just begun? Chapter nine, Crystal Skulls Speak, is about the use of these ancient crystals in relation to old continents such as Atlantis. This chapter-ten then speaks of our heart chamber and its function in relation to our existence in the body. Chapter eleven speaks of other planetary bodies and how these ancient crystals were used as the hard drive a top our pyramids to send and transport these bodies of knowledge to and fro. Thus with such power the abuse set off these catastrophic changes in earth’s history, which is now returning full circle once again, to a knowingness if you will, of what we really did know. Chapter twelve, Cleaning it Up. Now that we can see the holograph, the symmetry of other systems in relation to us in the scheme of things, we can take our rightful place in elevated shifts to the knowingness we once again do hold. With the start of chapter thirteen, Yonbi of Sutai, Energy, we begin to understand the symbols of our thirteen spheres, our thirteen skulls, to the vital points of our energy points that keep us a flow. This first strand of DNA, crystal skull, sphere of our being if you will, is the storehouse of knowledge; with the understanding of energy we are able to move about in our dense state of being to accomplish our purpose. Chapter fifteen, Tra Nin Swer, Knowledge, this is our next storehouse of DNA. Here we are able to know those bits of information that connect us to our God, our mainframe if you will, that lets us see what it is we are yet to learn. Chapter fifteen, Trha Sar or Stability. This strand of DNA balances our existence between the soul and matter, becomes our holy cross of melding in an instant of all knowingness. This next chapter speaks of Temperament, Latues Sebeus, our special strand of DNA what gives us a gauge if you will, of energy flow to just the correct balance to each specific situation. Chapter seventeen, Brint Yunh, Sweet Resolves is a way to let the heart bleed, to have resolution within our chamber that lets us reside here at all. Chapter eighteen, Mitrs List, Unique Gifts, this is really disseminating aides in giving us power over any negative manifestations. If we can ask, know, and learn our spiritual gifts, we will be equipped to reach all that we so desire. Chapter nineteen, Drutd Cuiak, Soul Groupings. This is our pod, our origin from the cosmos outside this planet. To know our appendages per say, will help us to truly know ourselves. Chapter twenty, Taru Mopyt, Authenticity. This is our DNA strand of Reality, this peeling away of all layers of deception. For there is our core, our soul, to which is our being made whole. Chapter twenty one Vratu Nu, Endurance. Here we have a strand of DNA that can really send us on our way. Without this our time is very short, for to endure, become un-attached, that is our true key indeed. Chapter twenty two, Gtsn Litnu, Spirit. The spirit is our protection; it is clothing of a heavenly nature, replaceable to each, that is really of a renewable quality. For if the renewing of spirit is learned, we will always have our soul a flow to the world. Chatper twenty three is Free Will or Crne Na. This is a gift given to all that are experiencing life. To realize and choose that which is within the soul, while experience a lower dimension, is our rudder in combing matter with our core. Chapter twenty-four, Drnt Kntr, Linguistics. This is the recording of codes, a vibration of choice for disseminating communication of information in the lower of dimensions. Chapter twenty five, GOMA OA, this is the head skull, your skull, a commander of all of the knowledge, reconstructed for each of ourselves to direct from the heart, once the soul can bring about the remembering of our core. Chapter twenty-six, Points to Ponder, this is the realization that mediums such as crystals can bring about our elevated state of existence by modeling our minds of a superior structure. Chapter twenty-seven, Connecting the Symbolism, is taking the days of old with regards to told continents, various religious orders, mythological to heavenly orders, in seeing how this is really our facilitated techniques for connecting us to our heavenly ports. Chapter twenty-eight, relevance revealed, is Solomon’s sacred recordings of systems of planetary bodies in descending order of importance, from Saturn to the Moon and their secret names. The days he also gave descending order from highest to lowest, starting with Saturday, and ending with Monday. These rituals of both Solomon, and Hindu origins, use our structure to unleash a desired molecular flow as recorded in our crystal skulls of old. Chapter twenty-nine, Rhythms With our Universe, is truly a law that creates a cohesive flow, to all that which our universe really does know. Chapter thirty, Molecular Bonds, a connection from the past can be rediscovered in the atoms of old, as our spirit remembers that which has gone before, there may be a tingle, an emotional feeling brought on by the movement of our molecular structure from what we now have emotional involvement with. Chapter thirty-one, Observer, is speaking of these ancient crystals as being our observer over time, where we can make our own unique system, just as the thirteen skulls aligned and coordinated information until the system can run in a cohesive way. Chapter thirty-one, Advanced Communication, introduces the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull letting us know this is a find indeed. Unexplained in how old it is, or how it was made, but an advanced phenomenon indeed. With this find we can concur that there were advanced civilizations on our planet at one time. Chapter thirty-three, Chakra Connections With the Skulls, reiterates the holograph, the connection of our chakras, planets, sacred skulls, to connecting our universal symmetry in a kaleidoscope of flow that correlates to all that we really do know. Chapter thirty-four, Spectacular is Our Mind vs. the Illusion of Time, is speaking of our our knowingness that transcends the illusion of time, a shift of one’s mind to bring an understanding to our various journey’s over time, into one string of our being. Chapter thirty-five, the thirteenth skull that is of yours and mine. This is our own mind that takes us into perfection of what magnificent splendor each of us, our talents could share. Here we use our minds to restructure and activate all parts of what is possible inside our brains to a perfect possible molecular structure, just like that of these other crystal skulls. Chapter thirty-six, Love to Help Me Know My Way, mentions that the original crystal skulls were created in love, so this mass mainframe of housed knowledge is given in a loving way for each of us to move forward in opening our hearts, relinquishing fear now that ignorance is dissipating with knowledge being disseminated. Chapter thirty-seven, Universal Data, a learning of information that these skulls were linked to all the libraries of old “Great Ring of Knowledge”, that can create a collective conscience from what Atlantis did once already know. Chapter thirty-eight, Golden Age, is recognizing these halls of knowledge are opened once again to the wisdom of the ages that will allow for physical immortality.  Chapter thirty-nine, Now What is a Skull?  These are models, mainframes for housing in our knowledge and connecting each thought of all knowledge held in our universe. Once these minds can realize their full capacity, then these skulls of elevated levels of existence will indeed bring about a positive change globally to our planet. Chapter forty, Our Tree of Life is Reflected in Our Skull, like an ark from God’s all knowingness is now to be fully reflected in our mind’s eye. These colors we see in the cosmos help to symbolize divine inspiration from faith, to grace, to love, also the spheres that contain our colors orchestrating our very being of selves. Just as the colors facilitating our connection to our God, so does the playful mediation and chants facilitate our heavenly connection that elevate our senses to a wonderful place that makes us divine. Chapter forty one. Restoration of the Mind is really the flame of the soul that reflect light in our dendrites and syntax of the mind that brings us to a place that remembers all in an instant. Chapter forty two, Retreats of Our Being, is the place where we become the calculus of our own density. The orchestrator of Einstein’s determinants that create our geometric shape of mind. Chapter forty-three, Teaching to Open the Club to the Village Idiot, is really a freedom to those who have learned to toss caution to the wind, lose the mind if you will  in taking a chance to sing what your soul does really know. Chapter forty four, the Bronze Copper House of Our Mind, this golden alter within our own mind that reflects that which we really do know. Chapter forty-five, Earth’s Incarnations Recorded from Within, is the special carved crystal skulls now used to house and help us share knowledge just like those of old. They also facilitate healing and any needed information that can be housed over time. Chapter forty-six, to our skulls that are now found, these crystal skulls of old were at one time placed in circles on alters of various metals and a thirteenth esoteric skull would appear that would combine all the knowledge from old. Chapter forty-seven amazing indeed is about the realization of relinquishing the ego by realizing the full power of our being as facilitated by the modeled skulls and the realization of our cross with the melding of our soul to know each other’s potential as well as our own. After Thought speaks of the Mitchell-Hedges skull, the ancient pyramids, and the remembering of days past when Atlantis was purist in earth’s people’s minds.                 return to homepage



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