The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies

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The Mayan Calendar by Kim Ripley Hartt is a fictional novel about our world today. For the past two years, Lynn Marie had been in Peru studying under the guidance of Torrance, a native shaman. She returns to her home in San Diego during a storm only to find her Mayan Calendar she had hanging outside smashed on the ground where the storm had knocked it down. From here Lynn Marie sits down to write her story and her discovery between her sacred property and an old Peru city. From her back yard looking to the mountains, she begins setting the stage for what will happen on 12/21/2012. The story deals with mind over matter, prophecy and the spirit world.
This was a hard book to understand. Even though it is a short book it is not meant to be read fast. For one that has studied Nostradamus and his predictions for 2012 or has studied the life of Edgar Cayce and his prediction and thoughts on reincarnation, or believes in numerology, then I feel this book will be a novel they will enjoy. The book was well written and the author had to have studied or had knowledge of the Metaphysical in order to write the book. As I read it the book reminded me more of reading a college thesis written about mystics, dreamers or the cosmic situation of the universe.


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My next writing is of the same rhythm and style as A Unique Window into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality. This uses a much more creative story of fiction to bring in ancient mythology, as well as present day people and places to reveal a connective thread of our days existing on this blue planet. My purpose of this book is to show how, while in the body, our heavenly home is forever guiding us as a keel from below a ship, in connecting all that we know, core of soul, to bodily existence from what we now know.

The Current Synopsis:

The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies is a short fiction novel that explores possibilities of earth’s future, from historic remembrances of Lemuria, to the Mayan people, to present day San Diego and its inhabitants. This story connects the incarnation of reference to past prophecy of what have now become our present land masses, people, and traditions. The story removes the veils, and enlightens the reader in seeing the past, present, and future as one and the same.
Lynn Marie is returning home from a sabbatical in Peru where she has been working with Torrance, a native shaman, for the past two years. Now she will begin the odorous process of writing her dissertation from the back yard of her home in full view of majestic Cuyamaca Peak. She soon discovers the parallels between her sacred property in the mountains, to the old city of Cusco in Peru, as the spirits come alive once again in guiding her discoveries.



This novel brings a further look at our evolved selves, in this “New Age” by revisiting prophesies presented by cultures like the Mayans, from their excavated recordings. Although this is fiction in that it flows from my mind’s imagination, there is the use of factual references of people, places, as well as past recognition of historical events to tie the story together over time. The story starts out here in San Diego during a torrential rain storm in the mountain area, then unfolds by speaking of the changes occurring in the land masses of the planet over time, to what is now happening from global warming. The story ends in a coming together of enlightened minds. The projected changes are brought home by using San Diego as a hypothetical area for these projected events. It creates San Diego’s future as actually becoming “The Bay of Stars”, with the mountain area now eventually becoming the new San Diego.


Here is a short summary of each chapter within my book:


The Introduction speaks of the places in and around San Diego, the indigenous Indians, mythological figures, etc., that will be the stage for this story. Chapter 1 opens with an actual storm that comes up suddenly and prompts me to start this writing. There is an outside wall hanging of a Mayan Calendar that has fallen to the ground and smashes, thus giving birth to the title, The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies. This chapter also explains the setting, the people, mythical figures, and various landmarks in the San Diego area where the story will unfold. Chapter 2 reveals how our now learned recordings of time; shed a more honest truth to what our past has been. With this new awakening, we can connect our history with our present day, to see the future that so long ago was spoken of. Chapter 3 attempts to attune the reader and prepare them in a somewhat meditative state, to open themselves to what is about to unfold. Chapter 4 takes the reader to a place of heavenly observations of a full moon and bats flying sporadically in a show that creates mindful entrainment of our connection with nature. Chapter 5 introduces Cuyamaca Peak and likens it to a stubbly beard of a man’s chin, in that a few large pines can still be seen after the previous fires.  This mountain comes alive as if it were a face that the author speaks to.  The sky also becomes a character and the author banters with it as it seems to need to show itself off with spectacular cloud formations behind the mountain. Chapter 6 introduces the creatures that come to play in a hypothetical attempt to connect the Southern California Island of Catalina, to the Asian continent of India, while imagining Lemuria existing here at one time as well. This connection brings the past land masses into where they have shifted in relation to Southern California, to specific landmarks and people of present day. The idea that the 2012 prophecy is really a “heaven on earth”, vs. Armageddon, is presented at the end of this section. Chapter 7 brings together all the divine organizations of evolved spiritual dedication, to reveal what they have been trying to teach us. These divine Beings were shedding light on the belief that we are really God Beings trying to get back to our original selves, but are somewhat lost in our material bodies. Chapter 8 talks of dogs, birds, animals of sorts, sending love by just the way they play.  The beauty of leaves, the oceans, and the facilitation of the deities or spirits are being used to clean and clear our minds in celebration of this new awareness. The message is, when we release our spirit it connects our very Being to the universe. Chapter 9 tries to shed light on the sacred secrets of our evolved selves in their teachings of old.  This is an attempt to connect our evolution from spirit to solid manifestation. The message is that if we can wrap our minds around this, we will be free indeed. The prophecy of 2012 is that our freedom of sprit evolved, will be as common to us as our breath. Freedom will abound. Chapter 10 is speaking of a complete shift of our minds. A freedom of realizing our very cell structure in enabling it to allow the full energy of the mind's atomic energy in to shift us home to a level of an already existing higher Being, master, sages of the day. Chapter 11 talks of reaching our highest of selves by facilitating our cells with the use of crystals to tune each atom in its elevated state of vibration. Veils will be torn, and our Being will be at full capacity. The brain will operate at full capacity, and in and of itself will bring us back to a heavenly state. Now we will start communing with angels at all levels of these spherical realms, and this will be our permanent residence. Chapter 12 parallels our mind with the sea.  It takes flight with the seagulls and brings us to a freedom of spirit that can now take flight into our inner Being of peace which was at our origin that we are now returning to. Chapter 13 is an evolving recognition of equity between “new age” and “old school”, that they are really one and the same. It asks the reader to bring on the wine; it is time to celebrate this epiphany. Chapter 14 looks at the very atom itself, and the inner workings in relation to our vibrational structure. With the mind’s use of pulling together these atoms in vibrational unison, this is what determines our structure, our symmetry within, as well as our universe. Chapter 15 is about uniting with spirit guides, and angels, to enlighten the soul. Vibrating the mind to an elevated level will remove veils so all can be seen. This is now a new day of what 2012 may very well be speaking of. Chapter 16 brings light to the fact that at present, we use very little of our brain, but the new day will mean all glands will be working. Our brain will be working to its full capacity. This in itself could cause a shift in our entire planet as prophesied by the Mayans. Chapter 17 looks at 2012 as really the Garden of Eden returning to our planet. This chapter asks the reader to envision this possibility. Chapter 18 attempts to explain the global effect this raising consciousness could have with regards to lifting the entire planet. By raising energy levels, this would make the mind more atomic on a global level, thus raising the vibration of the planet and causing changes as we are now seeing. These warming trends could be in direct relation to our new awareness, affecting the molecular structure of the planet. Chapter 19 is a summery of our paradigm shift as an evolved human, our differences in skin color, hair, our rising and falling of levels of intelligence.  The gyrations of our changes which were necessary to bring us to an elevated permeable shift of our existence within the universe will be our present existence. Chapter 20 summarizes the energy force that is now in full swing, giving us a new level of existence. Where clairvoyance, and telepathy are second in nature with regards to our new abilities. In conclusion I let the reader know my hope is that they explore their own renewal of mind, and delve into the process of opening the mind for healing of body, and becoming an enlightened Being by opening the minds capacity to its full potential.   


Part II,Transcending Vibrations of 2012


Chapter 1 speaks of numerology and the relevance of 12/21/2012, in relation to the numbers and their sum.  Here we see a very positive vibration of the number two, far from Armageddon and the demise of our planet. This actually shows to be the most positive of times ever known to man. Chapter two talks of gaining command of our cells once the shift into of 2012 takes place, here all will know in an instant our god-like selves. Chapter 3 speaks of a celebration, now that we are in “full throttle”, with this new found atomic energy, of where we originally begin. Chapter 4 speaks of this contagious discover that infects all other entities in our radius. Chapter 5 talks of the veils being torn so that our angels and deities are visible to us, in the same way we can see each other. Chapter 6 lets us enjoy an evening with our pomegranate elixir, while enjoying nature and all if its profound intricacies that we are now truly able to be a part of. Chapter 7 reveals this new found heaven on earth, which is now prevalent. Chapter 8 breaks down our physical existence into nothing but, fluid and gases. It also takes note in the importance of reliving emotions, in order to evolve as our masters have. Chapter 9 we are introduced to Cheyenne, a spirit guide, where she reveals our selves over time, and creates a unity in knowing we have all been each other. She also brings light to the idea we should move forward for the “greater good”, in attaining and deeper understanding of our needs. Chapter 10 speaks of learning once again, to see with our intuitive eye. Chapter 11 lets us know the purpose of this time in the body, and that now we have finally completed our mission. Chapter 12 challenges us to make a mental note of the 2012 shift, and its positive effect on the planet. Chapter 13 likens this opening of our minds, to the adorning spread of peacock feathers, where one entire being is now lending itself to limitless possibilities. Chapter 14 speaks of finding peace where ever we may be, and letting our cells resonate to their place of sun like energy. Chapter 15 talks of a blissful state, of the extraction of emotion, while each being is free to live in the moment as the observer. Chapter 16 brings understanding to the vast remembrance of the mind, which will now be able to make corrections and heal old wounds. Within this chapter there is a little story called “Incarnations Remembered”, that speaks of King Solomon, Noah’s Ark, and the transcending incarnations of connecting the prophesies of old, with the new. This story uses the metaphor of a rainbow, to create a picture to our mind’s eye, for clarity and understanding in relation to “the old” vs. “the new”. Chapter 17 reminds us that letters on a page are really powerful codes, which bring command of our cells, in the remembrance of divine messages. Chapter 18 takes the kaleidoscope of changing molecular structures, and talks of how our minds are really the masters of these spectacular displays of sacred geometry. Chapter 19 takes us to the heavenly realms, where golden dolphins, unicorns, etc, frolic, while we enjoy our heavenly mansions that are really our blueprint. Here we visit our libraries within our mansion, and learn about our soul mates, people have been important to us in previous incarnations, and take comfort in sharing all that we now know. Here everyone is welcome to sit in our home, and reflect on what is being remembered. Chapter 20 allows us to freely walk around in these heavens, and remember with our God, what has always been, while reflecting on who we are, and our possibilities in this renewed state of god-selves. Chapter 21 reminds us that 12/21/2012 is a formula unique to time and space, in that it is the key to opening portals that shift ourselves, and our planet, back home to this heavenly realm. Chapter 22 is an after thought, reminding us that we are Adam/ATOM, Alpha and Omega, and that all that is within our God, is within us. Our God is the atomic energy force of our sun, and we are sons, with this replicated force, within each cell of our atoms, thus, now knowing, we are Adam/ATOM. Chapter 23 breaks our blueprint of life into three stages, and with each revelation within the fraction of our various incarnations, we are able to move to a new level of understanding. Now that this formulas 12/21/2012 has come to pass, we no longer will need these incarnations of the body, but are now reawakened to all information in our god-like selves, thus residing in our heavenly mansion for all time. Chapter 24 asks our God to accept our thanks in his many displayed characters, which he uses to create this story, this play, which has brought our minds home once again in remembering our true god-selves


My book, The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies is like The Mystery of 2012 Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities, by Gregg Braden, in that it emphasis the 2012 event is really a shift within our mind, vs. an Armageddon. It also speaks of the effect so many minds may have globally, with regards to the land and its drastic changes on a cosmic level.  Greg’s book is different in that it is a writing of factual science, with backed studies by various scholars, while my book is a use of fiction to connect those same facts of scientific ideas into an everyday story that brings to light, past, present, and future at the same time.


Hopefully this story will create a reality that connects our minds to who and what we are, and who we have been. Also, an equal remembering of all other beings, animals, heavenly guides, and their orchestrated efforts, that are bringing us to this new day of renewal, and what their role has been in relation to us over time.


The Ledge of Quetzal~Beyond 2012, by Jock Whitehouse is very much like mine in that it is a fiction story of Jock’s adventure of the mind. He uses spirit guides, and actual places to take the reader thru in Southern Mexico. In the same way I use Southern California and its places to bring a connection to the past.  We both are relating the present to the prophesies of 2012, and again, bringing to light that the shift of importance is really in the mind. My story would probably fit right in the New Age section of any book store right next to his.


Although these stories are very different, the blueprint of creative direction, with use of story telling, is similar in technique. Two others I believe are similar in style, but are classified as non-fiction, are Mary Summer Rain’s books, Spirit Song, The Introduction of No-Eyes, and Phoenix Rising, No-Eyes’ Vision Of The Changes To Come. Both of these speak in a prophecy of sorts, revealing through imagery of nature, spirit guides, beauty of the landscape, and the message of things to come. These create reference for internal realizations or shifts of the mind, into enlightenment; my book does this as well, but from my imagination with regards to references in nature’s surroundings, and culture, unique to my background and upbringing, different from hers since I am not Native American Indian.  


This story is classified as fiction genre, “new age”, or “Coming of Age”, for our planet and its people regarding Earth’s history. This writing can be for all ages.  I would buy this book because the curiosity brought about by the title, The Mayan Calendar Smashes to The Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies would trigger curiosity to look inside. Once seeing that it would be a short read, I would just opt to purchase without second thought, because the cost would be minimal.  I would definitely be able to fit this read in during my busy schedule. I, like many others, sometimes need an escape for my mind into what possibilities may lay ahead.  Even if just for a moment in time, being the creative people we are, fantasies using our imagination muscle into nature, communing with spirits of old, is too hard to pass up. I believe there are many folks out there, like myself, hungry for metaphysical connections to what may be in store for our world in relationship to a prophesy of old, especially with regards to indigenous people, Lemuria, Atlantis, and paradigm shifts in our planet’s evolution.



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