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Lonely Island Synopsis: The anchoring of Rhode Island is what is manifested in the interaction between the expanding of Lavelle and Trinton's mind that paralleled the permanent hold of Rholde Island as part of New England. This is how this story ends, with the convnersation between these character's individual  mind's realilzation of thier possibilties, as well as thier land. This writing was prompted by a friend who felt that I needed to write something a bit different. A story about Rhode Island maybe? This was to bring in romance, decadence of the period, and a few other detailed prompts. I often feel I am more of a reporter or one who receives channeled inspiration from anther time, what ever spirit driven term you would like to use. It is important to mention though that I have a consistency in “metaphysical rhythm”, a style that always comes thru. This serves a dual purpose when written in “Salvador Dali” likeness of style, subliminal dissemination that parallels with a realistic story line. This summary hopefully will entice and move you to continue to read on once this work is available. 




Part 1


Introduction: This takes the reader into the real world of wealthy Ivy League, ship’s captains and all that they could presume. Winding the globe, groomed, married, widowed, and evolving on this early island before it was colonized. Chapter 1, Beginnings of Rhode Island. This starts out introducing the Ivy League school of Harvard and brings in the early alumnus such as George Ripley. A scholar with all the old world knowledge and decadence to create this new world. He played as extravagantly as the rest of the alumnus, creating the higher class in all its decadence and charm. Chapter 2, Compartments of Craftsmanship. The descendants to the new world, Gothic to eventual Victorian style was really an encapsulated entering of places like Versailles where these men of money walked, could swim in style that cushioned their travels of similarity to that of their European homes. Chapter 3, Salty Seas. This chapter uses a technique in nature to quantum physics where it takes the reader thru spheres of an earlier time to travel with these men of the old world’s ships. This begins to set the stage for the earlier settlers of this eventual New England. Chapter 4, Antique Ships. Here we start to remember men like Columbus and the Mayflower’s Captain to the earlier voyagers of Viking ships, France, the Dutch as well as Spain. These ships with carved busts of their maidens were indeed our earliest visitors to meet the indigenous of America. Here Lavelle is introduced, one of these earliest spouses of Dutch decent, a captain’s spouse. For to see into the future and quote word of an eventual  famous women’s song, Madonna is the one I now see, I’m sure you will find fitting to the mind…

What you gonna do when your love is gone?
What you gonna do when the game ended?
What you gonna do when the bird has flown?
How you gonna play when your all alone?


 Chapter 5, Singers of This Day. Talks of the world of party and song with all its decadence and artist. This mentioning is extended to later singers such as Billy Holiday and even Elvis in again connecting the same extreme indulgences that comes with the territory of our wealthiest of men. Chapter 6, Ships Docking. Now when these ships arrived in the port they filled this Lonely Island with the most decadent of “port”. Fancy wine, caviar of the most special of kind. With this they stayed connecting to the Ivy League men and celebrating their fill. Chapter 7, My Dear Friends Story.  Again metaphysically speaking karmic resolve is realized by Lavelle when speaking with her friend from France that was able to help her connect to the previous lives disruptive messes so she could steer clear this incarnation in resolve that which would allow her heart to connect. Chapter 8, Breaking Away. In this chapter Lavelle and Jon continue their conversation and she, in her mind’s eye works thru the revelations of the past and the players that have caused her to be of a split thought. Now a resolve of her mind has come upon her as she is able to move forward in this incarnation. Chapter 9, Overload Karma to be Transmitted from Previous Times. This chapter likens one’s mind to that of an oak tree where the clearing of karmic debris allows the branching of the brain to reach and create a canopy for all of one’s hopes. Chapter 10, Mind Remembering. Lavelle’s gifts of prophecy and knowing the earth’s past, she foretells of wars and men to come that would be a part of building this new world. This was a woman who was key in connecting Europe to the Indians and their families. In this story Lavelle lays the foundation in connecting America’s past to the evolving new world. Chapter 11, The Animals had Their Special Place Too. This Lonely Island was really Lavelle’s place of purpose to tame and put each one in their own special place. From the animals to the girls she did guide, she was able to allow each individual their own relevance of this time. Chapter 12, Lavelle’s Realization of Time. Everything that Lavelle was about had to come from inside since she had no one in this place that was from her home. Once her spouse never returned and she was unable to go back to her home, she was left to create from that which she had inside. Chapter 13, Witch Hunt of Salem was a Projection. Here Lavelle started to realize the projection of the Salem Witch Hunt days and dramas that would ensue; this was a bit disconcerting to say the least. Chapter 14, Lavelle’s Realization in Time (different from Lavelle’s Realization of Time from Chapter 11). This chapter speaks of closing out life's incarnations and the reason of metaphysically figuring ourselves out until the soul and matter have combined to compile our many lives so the soul can move to other places within the universe. 


 Part II


Introduction. This brings in a new character, her twin flame, a man of the orient. He is of great wealth and showers her with all types of gifts as well as a completeness of her heart. Chapter 1.  East Meets West. These talks of the specific exotic food, animals, plants found in the china men’s haul, how him and Lavelle were an unlikely pair, but indeed twin flames of an earlier committed heart felt place. As their minds connected they completed the world’s history and that of their own to finally knowing what it was they would soon learn. Chapter 2. Switch in the Mind. These two could transcend time with a special mantra, really the combination of their heavenly names. For when these names were spoken together and repeated in three, they were able to rip all veils of time and see what special design was to be for earth and her families. Chapter 3. Other planets of Life. This china man’s birth name in this life was a strange one indeed. Trinton was he, the lines on his face did not reflect that of the Chinese, but instead was more like a Russian of sorts, where he could really expand all that connected cultures to the sea. Chapter 4. Seafood. These special foods were like that of the gods. For so as the pleasures of dining together would bring back this heavenly existence that was to be completed in this here special committed time of their lives. Chapter 5. Coming Back Home in the Heart. The story finally ends with a full circle in Lavelle’s mind to understand the completion of her purpose during earth’s time. She explains her sharing of this writing in that it is some sort of a key that hopefully will unlock those needing to know from a heavenly mind’s eye. Chapter 6. The Anchoring of Rhode Island The interaction in expanding Lavelle and Trinton's mind that paralelled the permanent hold of Rhode Island as part of New England, is how this story ends, with the dialogue between these character's individual mind's realization of their possibilities, as well as their land.



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