My Post Smoking Life

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In recent years we have learned everything, but the kitchen sink is added to the nicotine weed! Just think if the Native Americans, all those  "many moons" ago, had puffed away on these poison sticks as they are manufactured today vs. the natural way it was originally used? 
My "top Three Delights", since ending this bad, bad routine are...

 First Delight

Now I can go where and when I want without the gloom of this controlling friend.

With poisons as part of its additive blend

Four-thousand chemicals as part of its trend.

It soon comes to reality there will be little room,

Besides yourself and all the other uninvited buffoons.


Benzene (petrol additive)

Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)

Ammonia (toilet cleaner)

Acetone (Nail polish remover)

Tar (70 percent of these deposits go directly into he lungs to stay!!)

Nicotine (insecticide/most addictive drug known to man)

Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust fumes)

Arsenic (rat poison)

Hydrogen Cyanide (gas chamber poison)

Just to name a few.

That are a part of this sneaky trick,

To create an addict!


To learn after time,

This was my affiliation,

What a crime!!

To now see the souls after their annihilation,

With their blackened chest.

To learn they were duped into being a part of this mess,

Is really pause that we all distance ourselves at best,

Of this terrible test.


All of this and not to even know,

I was a member of this affiliation not so long ago,

Is really quite alarming you know!


To disconnect from this chemical laden mess,

It was not long before

The body swelled,

The moods rebelled.

Literally I had to go into a shell,

But hallelujah!

Within a few,

I was free,

Yes, Free to move around most gracefully.


To go to an establishment,

To enjoy a coffee,

A drink or two,

Without the gang you see.

That would usually have their way with me.

Now this was a delight most definitely!


Yes, I was now free to be with my family.

In the car, with windows up.

In friends homes without dirtying their get-up.

I could even be around those I loved

Without being the killer of their lungs.

From this smoke that would rise above

This space was now filled with hugs,

That were profoundly ones of love!


Now For my Second Delight...


Twice this week I had someone say, "my, you smell nice".

This would have never been

Had I kept doing "the habit" again and again.

The hair, the face, the fingers, the teeth,

Are all their natural tones once again.

And are now really, what they should have always been!


With this new breath that does not stink,

This is a delight that builds confidence to move about.

Even in someones space, with no doubt.

Now this my essence is truly something to shout about.


And my last delight...


Fabulous healthy check-ups

I do now so love!

When my doctor says, "your the healthiest person I'll see today,

I won't need you back for another three years to the day".

This is worth every minute of the time,

That has passed since my poison-laden gang went away.

So you see, these are just a few of my delights in hopes to sway,

One of you here today.


Don't be afraid to bleed momentarily,

In order to free yourself of this disparity!!


May all the strength and energy within the universe

Let you be free of this curse!
** For to now this delight has been for many a year, since my last smoke was at age 27, and now passing the "50" mark, have long sinced cleared the lungs of this toxic blend!!